Best of Barnabas

Best of Barnabas

This unique collection offers 9 complete TV episodes that are among the most popular in the history of
DARK SHADOWS, serving as an ideal introduction to new viewers as well as an enticing overview for veteran DARK SHADOWS devotees.

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Best of Barnabas
  • Episode 1133

    Angelique, using the alias Valerie, causes Roxanne to collapse in front of Trask.

  • Episode 982

    Maggie realizes that Quentin’s son Daniel resents her. Will chains Barnabas in his coffin.

  • Episode 915

    Barnabas is told that the Leviathans have Josette under their power.

  • Episode 718

    Angelique shows Barnabas a terrifying vision and Quentin attempts voodoo on Barnabas.

  • Episode 703

    Quentin is suspicious when Barnabas introduces himself to the 1897 Collins family as a cousin from England.

  • Episode 535

    After Barnabas forces Victoria to tell him the dream, he is attacked by a bat.

  • Episode 418

    Josette is drawn to secretly meet with Barnabas, who tries to resist baring his fangs to bite her.

  • Episode 349

    An aged and withered Barnabas must seek a victim, but he cannot bring himself to attack Victoria.

  • Episode 221

    Waitress Maggie Evans meets Barnabas at the Collinsport Inn. She later feels as if someone is watching her.