Best of Dr. Julia Hoffman

Best of Dr. Julia Hoffman

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Best of Dr. Julia Hoffman
  • Episode 265

    At Windcliff sanitarium, Dr. Julia Hoffman reluctantly allows Sam and Joe to visit Maggie, who is in a child-like state.

  • Episode 291

    After telling a stunned Barnabas she believes she can cure him, Julia reveals she is treating Maggie, who is hidden away.

  • Episode 359

    A traumatized Julia hears the voice of Dr. Woodard. Barnabas deceives Julia into believing he now has a conscience.

  • Episode 486

    Dr. Lang struggles to leave a message on his tape recorder before dying. Julia has the dream.

  • Episode 564

    Barnabas forces Willie to dig up Tom’s grave, which they discover is empty.

  • Episode 837

    Using the I Ching wands, Julia is transported back to 1897.

  • Episode 1061

    In the year 1995, the estate of Collinwood lies abandoned in ruins.

  • Episode 1131

    Julia reports to Barnabas what she learned about the trial of Judah Zachery.