Dark Shadows: The Beginning

Dark Shadows: The Beginning

6 Seasons

MPI presents the spooky series‘ rare, early episodes before the arrival of Barnabas. Victoria Winters’ mysterious journey begins as her train arrives in Collinsport, a small and stormy fishing village on the coast of Maine. An orphan in search of her identity, Victoria is befriended by a stranger named Burke Devlin. At the eerie Collinwood mansion, Victoria meets reclusive matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, her aloof brother Roger Collins, his troubled ten-year-old son David, and Elizabeth’s rebellious teenage daughter Carolyn.
Collins fishing fleet manager Bill Malloy informs Elizabeth that Burke wants to take everything the Collinses own as revenge for being sent to prison. Collinsport Inn waitress Maggie Evans tells her father Sam that she wants an end to the secret conflict between him, Roger and Burke. David warns Victoria that she will regret she came to live at Collinwood and be his governess.

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Dark Shadows: The Beginning
  • Episode 106

    Episode 1

    The sheriff checks Roger’s alibi for the hit-and-run accident and makes a discovery.

  • Episode 107

    Episode 2

    While Victoria searches outside the Old House on the estate, an urn falls from the roof.

  • Episode 108/109/110

    Episode 3

    Matthew admits to Victoria that he was responsible for a murder and may have to kill her.

  • Episode 111

    Episode 4

    Matthew explains the murder he committed was accidental and he only meant to scare Victoria.

  • Episode 112

    Episode 5

    Matthew discloses his secret to a startled Elizabeth. He takes refuge in the Old House.

  • Episode 113

    Episode 6

    David offers to help Matthew, who decides he has no choice but to trust the boy.

  • Episode 114

    Episode 7

    Victoria tries to convince Burke that Roger had nothing to do with the death of Bill.

  • Episode 115

    Episode 8

    Victoria loses her wallet at the Old House. While she searches for it, she is discovered by Matthew.

  • Episode 116

    Episode 9

    Matthew cannot bring himself to kill Victoria, but informs her that she must die.

  • Episode 117

    Episode 10

    Burke learns about Victoria’s disappearance and that she did not go to Bangor as planned.

  • Episode 118

    Episode 11

    Joe and Burke search the Old House while Matthew holds Victoria captive in a secret room.

  • Episode 119

    Episode 12

    Joe tells Carolyn that their relationship is over. Elizabeth vows to defeat Burke’s plan.

  • Episode 120

    Episode 13

    David brings food and cigarettes to Matthew and almost discovers the hidden Victoria.

  • Episode 121

    Episode 14

    David begins to feel guilty about helping Matthew, who realizes he may not be able to trust David.

  • Episode 122

    Episode 15

    Matthew hears a ghostly voice, then sees an eerie light coming from the portrait of Josette Collins.

  • Episode 123

    Episode 16

    At the inn restaurant, a mysterious woman asks Maggie questions about the Collins family.

  • Episode 124

    Episode 17

    Sam becomes disturbed when he learns about the mysterious woman who has come to town.

  • Episode 125

    Episode 18

    The ghost of Bill Malloy appears to David and threatens Matthew, who prepares to kill Victoria.

  • Episode 126

    Episode 19

    Roger and Burke search for Victoria. The ghost of Josette and Bill appear and scare Matthew.

  • Episode 127

    Episode 20

    Victoria is certain she saw the ghost of Josette. The spirit moves between the columns at the Old House.

  • Episode 128

    Episode 21

    Sam reveals to Roger that Roger’s estranged wife Laura has returned to Collinsport.

  • Episode 129

    Episode 22

    Elizabeth believes that Laura should not see her son David. Sam paints a strange portrait.

  • Episode 130/131

    Episode 23

    Laura reveals that she has come back for David, who has a nightmare about his mother.

  • Episode 132

    Episode 24

    David is told that his mother is back in Collinsport. He feels that she is watching him.