Dark Shadows: The Beginning

Dark Shadows: The Beginning

6 Seasons

MPI presents the spooky series‘ rare, early episodes before the arrival of Barnabas. Victoria Winters’ mysterious journey begins as her train arrives in Collinsport, a small and stormy fishing village on the coast of Maine. An orphan in search of her identity, Victoria is befriended by a stranger named Burke Devlin. At the eerie Collinwood mansion, Victoria meets reclusive matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, her aloof brother Roger Collins, his troubled ten-year-old son David, and Elizabeth’s rebellious teenage daughter Carolyn.
Collins fishing fleet manager Bill Malloy informs Elizabeth that Burke wants to take everything the Collinses own as revenge for being sent to prison. Collinsport Inn waitress Maggie Evans tells her father Sam that she wants an end to the secret conflict between him, Roger and Burke. David warns Victoria that she will regret she came to live at Collinwood and be his governess.

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Dark Shadows: The Beginning
  • Episode 144

    Episode 1

    In the Collins family history book, Victoria finds a picture of Josette wearing a familiar locket.

  • Episode 145

    Episode 2

    Laura stares into the flames and a fire begins at Sam and Maggie Evans’ cottage.

  • Episode 146

    Episode 3

    Roger sees that Sam’s second painting of Laura has been burned.

  • Episode 147

    Episode 4

    Burke asks Laura for help in clearing him of the manslaughter charge.

  • Episode 148

    Episode 5

    Victoria and Frank agree that Laura should not be left alone with David at any time.

  • Episode 149

    Episode 6

    The ghost of Josette finishes Sam’s painting, which becomes a portrait surrounded by flames.

  • Episode 150

    Episode 7

    Elizabeth orders Laura to stay away from David but Laura assures David she will take him away.

  • Episode 151

    Episode 8

    Roger encourages David to become closer to his mother.

  • Episode 152

    Episode 9

    The identity of the woman who died in a mysterious fire in Phoenix is revealed.

  • Episode 153

    Episode 10

    Victoria feels compelled to go with Frank to a building at the edge of a graveyard.

  • Episode 154

    Episode 11

    Victoria and Frank discover that Laura Murdock Stockbridge is buried in the crypt.

  • Episode 155

    Episode 12

    Elizabeth orders Laura to leave Collinwood. Laura stares into the flames and Elizabeth collapses.

  • Episode 156

    Episode 13

    Elizabeth cannot remember what happened to her. A shrouded figure appears in her room.

  • Episode 157

    Episode 14

    Victoria and Frank find graves of two Lauras who died by fire one hundred years apart.

  • Episode 158

    Episode 15

    At the hospital, the doctor is baffled by Elizabeth’s condition. A visit from Laura upsets Elizabeth.

  • Episode 159

    Episode 16

    Victoria tells Frank that Elizabeth is adament that David be kept away from Laura.

  • Episode 160

    Episode 17

    Dr. Peter Guthrie believes Elizabeth’s illness is the result of a traumatic experience.

  • Episode 161

    Episode 18

    Guthrie is convinced there must be some outside influence over Elizabeth’s condition.

  • Episode 162

    Episode 19

    David relates to Dr. Guthrie the legend of Josette. David sees Josette’s portrait make a transformation.

  • Episode 163

    Episode 20

    Laura questions David about Dr. Guthrie before the doctor closely interrogates her.

  • Episode 164

    Episode 21

    Sam describes to Dr. Guthrie how he felt when he was creating Laura’s painting.

  • Episode 165

    Episode 22

    David goes to spend the night with his mother and the ghost of Josette appears to them.

  • Episode 166

    Episode 23

    Victoria and Carolyn are concerned about David. Burke is suspicious of Dr. Guthrie.

  • Episode 167

    Episode 24

    Laura insists she must take David away soon, before Elizabeth returns from the hospital.