Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

26 Seasons

With its alluring tales of gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became the most popular daytime series of all time during its run on ABC from 1966-71. Much like the show’s character Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden vampire released from his chained coffin after nearly 200 years, Dark Shadows retains an immortality that time steadfastly fails to erode.

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Dark Shadows
  • Episode 776

    Episode 1

    Edward follows Judith to the abandoned cellar and discovers that Dirk’s coffin is hidden there.

  • Episode 777

    Episode 2

    Gregory Trask is forced to absolve Tim of guilt for Minerva’s murder. Carl hears Pansy’s voice in the graveyard.

  • Episode 778

    Episode 3

    Magda returns with a mysterious box containing the hand of Count Petofi, which she says has magical powers.

  • Episode 779

    Episode 4

    Quentin locks Carl in the secret room of the Collins Mausoleum, where Barnabas' coffin is located.

  • Episode 780

    Episode 5

    Barnabas suspects that Carl has revealed his secret. Trask accuses Barnabas of murder.

  • Episode 781

    Episode 6

    Barnabas finds his coffin chained and protected by a cross. He commands Charity to hide him in the school.

  • Episode 782

    Episode 7

    Trask tries to use Charity to trap Barnabas. As Barnabas is about to bite Charity, Nora appears.

  • Episode 783

    Episode 8

    The hand of Count Petofi is used to perform a procedure on Charity. Evan Hanley confronts Barnabas.

  • Episode 784

    Episode 9

    In an attempt to take control of the Collins family and wealth, Trask persuades Judith to marry him.

  • Episode 785

    Episode 10

    Edward is horrified that Judith has altered her will. Magda uses Petofi's hand hoping to cure Quentin.

  • Episode 786

    Episode 11

    Charity dreams of a romantic interlude with Quentin while his music plays in the background.

  • Episode 787

    Episode 12

    Evan steals the hand of Count Petofi. Barnabas makes an attempt to free the werewolf.

  • Episode 788

    Episode 13

    Judith has nightmares and visits the grave of Minerva. She begins to believe that she is Minerva.

  • Episode 789

    Episode 14

    Trask and Evan conjure up the spirit of Minerva to frighten and threaten Judith.

  • Episode 790

    Episode 15

    After a jail guard is attacked, Quentin escapes. He and Judith encounter the ghost of Minerva.

  • Episode 791

    Episode 16

    Evan and Trask try to convince Judith to sign a paper committing her to a sanitarium.

  • Episode 792

    Episode 17

    Quentin and Magda summon Angelique to help them recover the missing hand of Count Petofi.

  • Episode 793

    Episode 18

    Victor Fenn-Gibbon observes as Angelique conducts a ceremony using the hand to help Quentin.

  • Episode 794

    Episode 19

    A gypsy named Julianka tells Barnabas she has come to end the curse in return for the hand.

  • Episode 795

    Episode 20

    Aristede sets in motion a curved blade which will kill Quentin unless Aristede can get Petofi’s hand.

  • Episode 796

    Episode 21

    In the woods, Julianka the gypsy is found dead with a strange mark on her forehead.

  • Episode 797

    Episode 22

    The spirit of Julianka appears but refuses to help and lays a curse on Magda for stealing the hand.

  • Episode 798

    Episode 23

    Following Sandor’s death, Magda learns that Quentin’s son has also died.

  • Episode 799

    Episode 24

    Petofi’s hand reappears to Magda. Aristede enlists Tim Shaw’s help in regaining the hand.