Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

26 Seasons

With its alluring tales of gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became the most popular daytime series of all time during its run on ABC from 1966-71. Much like the show’s character Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden vampire released from his chained coffin after nearly 200 years, Dark Shadows retains an immortality that time steadfastly fails to erode.

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Dark Shadows
  • Episode 1102

    Episode 1

    At Windcliff, Quentin distracts Julia while David and Daphne perform a ceremony.

  • Episode 1103

    Episode 2

    Julia hypnotizes David and learns that Rose Cottage will be destroyed that night.

  • Episode 1104

    Episode 3

    Barnabas confronts Gerard and Maggie is summoned by the vampire.

  • Episode 1105

    Episode 4

    Carolyn's riddle provides clues to Maggie's whereabouts. The coffin of the vampire is found.

  • Episode 1106

    Episode 5

    Barnabas releases the vampire from its coffin and is attacked.

  • Episode 1107

    Episode 6

    Daphne refuses to leave until the children are found. Quentin digs his own grave.

  • Episode 1108

    Episode 7

    Barnabas and Julia hear a heartbeat coming from Quentin's portrait and realize Quentin is near death.

  • Episode 1109

    Episode 8

    Gerard's zombies begin Collinwood's destruction. Julia escapes by the stairway through time.

  • Episode 1110

    Episode 9

    In 1840, Julia overhears Ben Stokes reveal he told Daniel Collins that Quentin is dead.

  • Episode 1111

    Episode 10

    In the mausoleum secret room, Julia sees the chained coffin of Barnabas.

  • Episode 1112

    Episode 11

    Ben convinces Barnabas to trust Julia, but at Collinwood Gerard is suspicious of her.

  • Episode 1113

    Episode 12

    In 1970, Barnabas disparingly reflects that all the dire 1995 predictions have come true.

  • Episode 1114

    Episode 13

    In 1840, Roxanne Drew turns down Lamar Trask’s marriage proposal. Barnabas bites her.

  • Episode 1115

    Episode 14

    Gabriel Collins orders Gerard to supply him with arsenic. Barnabas tells Roxanne of his plans.

  • Episode 1116

    Episode 15

    Ben is astonished when Julia gives Roxanne a transfusion. Barnabas attacks Julia.

  • Episode 1117

    Episode 16

    Desmond Collins has brought back a mysterious and disembodied head.

  • Episode 1118

    Episode 17

    Gerard describes how Quentin and Tad Collins died in a storm at sea.

  • Episode 1119

    Episode 18

    Gabriel is astounded to learn that Gerard and Samantha have just been married.

  • Episode 1120

    Episode 19

    Gabriel is angry that Daniel approves of the marriage. Everyone is shocked when Quentin enters.

  • Episode 1121

    Episode 20

    Quentin states that Samantha must choose between him and Gerard. Barnabas meets Daphne.

  • Episode 1122

    Episode 21

    Daphne asks Barnabas about Quentin, then secretly leaves a note for him.

  • Episode 1123

    Episode 22

    Desmond learns Daphne has taken a job at the newspaper office.

  • Episode 1124

    Episode 23

    Otis Greene realizes Desmond is under the power of the head.

  • Episode 1125

    Episode 24

    In an underground vault, Desmond finds a headless body and a jeweled mask.