Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

26 Seasons

With its alluring tales of gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became the most popular daytime series of all time during its run on ABC from 1966-71. Much like the show’s character Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden vampire released from his chained coffin after nearly 200 years, Dark Shadows retains an immortality that time steadfastly fails to erode.

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Dark Shadows
  • Episode 1143

    Episode 1

    In 1840, Julia tells Valerie, alias Angelique, about life at Collinwood in 1970.

  • Episode 1144

    Episode 2

    Angelique holds Julia captive in an abandoned lighthouse. The ghost of Amadeus Collins appears.

  • Episode 1145

    Episode 3

    Quentin realizes that Lamar Trask and Samantha Collins are trying to turn Daniel Collins against him.

  • Episode 1146

    Episode 4

    Quentin is anxious to learn who is leaving notes for him, supposedly from Joanna Mills.

  • Episode 1147

    Episode 5

    Daphne Harridge is determined to make Quentin fall in love with her.

  • Episode 1148

    Episode 6

    Barnabas tries to learn from Laszlo, the gypsy, where Julia is being held prisoner.

  • Episode 1149

    Episode 7

    Trask is attacked by the vampire and Barnabas makes a revelation to Randall Drew.

  • Episode 1150

    Episode 8

    In the Old House basement, Trask hears noises coming from inside the wall.

  • Episode 1151

    Episode 9

    Gerard Stiles causes Daphne to dream that she loves him instead of Quentin.

  • Episode 1152

    Episode 10

    Trask finds evidence that he believes proves Quentin caused Desmond’s condition.

  • Episode 1153

    Episode 11

    Randall accuses Quentin of destroying three women. He searches Gerard’s room for the jeweled mask.

  • Episode 1154/1155

    Episode 12

    Mordecai Grimes accuses Quentin of killing his cattle by using witchcraft.

  • Episode 1156

    Episode 13

    Trask causes Gabriel to tell information that leads to Quentin’s arrest for murder.

  • Episode 1157

    Episode 14

    After a vision in a seance, Daniel announces he believes Quentin is guilty.

  • Episode 1158

    Episode 15

    Using Quentin’s watch, Angelique conjures up a vision of Judah Zachery.

  • Episode 1159

    Episode 16

    Gabriel learns that Daniel intends to change his will again.

  • Episode 1160

    Episode 17

    Gerard puts Edith Collins under his power. Desmond is shocked to read Daniel’s will.

  • Episode 1161

    Episode 18

    The revised terms of Daniel’s will are revealed. Mildred Ward dies in Quentin’s presence.

  • Episode 1162

    Episode 19

    Trask attempts to convince Judge Wiley to charge Quentin with practicing witchcraft.

  • Episode 1163

    Episode 20

    Carrie Stokes meets Jeremy Grimes and they are attracted to each other immediately.

  • Episode 1164

    Episode 21

    After Daphne finds a note from Joanna, she screams as someone approaches her.

  • Episode 1165

    Episode 22

    Samantha testifies as Quentin’s trial begins with Charles Dawson serving as prosecutor.

  • Episode 1166

    Episode 23

    Daphne awakes from a dream to find her wedding gown in the dream bridal chamber.

  • Episode 1167

    Episode 24

    Trask and Gerard find the journal of Collins family servant Ben Stokes.