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Fan Favorites
  • Episode 1116

    Ben is astonished when Julia gives Roxanne a transfusion. Barnabas attacks Julia.

  • Episode 1102

    At Windcliff, Quentin distracts Julia while David and Daphne perform a ceremony.

  • Episode 1065

    Stokes reveals that both Carolyn and Quentin are insane. Barnabas and Julia see David Collins' ghost.

  • Episode 1024

    Hoffman tricks Maggie into wearing Angelique’s dress to a costume party.

  • Episode 725

    Gregory Trask tells Judith that Jamison Collins is possessed by Quentin’s spirit.

  • Episode 699

    Julia decides there is a connection between Chris and Quentin. Barnabas and Maggie search the west wing.

  • Episode 371

    A doctor can find nothing physically wrong with Barnabas. Angelique becomes fearful that he may die.

  • Episode 365

    A seance is held at Collinwood to contact the spirit of Sarah. During a blackout, Victoria disappears.

  • Episode 212

    At the Old House, Barnabas speaks to the portrait of Josette, declaring that he has come home to stay.