Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 1

Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 1

Victoria Winters’ mysterious journey begins as her train arrives in Collinsport, a small and stormy fishing village on the coast of Maine. An orphan in search of her identity, Victoria is befriended by a stranger named Burke Devlin. At the eerie Collinwood mansion, Victoria meets reclusive matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, her aloof brother Roger Collins, his troubled ten-year-old son David, and Elizabeth’s rebellious teenage daughter Carolyn.

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Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 1
  • Episode 1

    Victoria Winters travels from New York to Collinsport and arrives at Collinwood to serve as governess.

  • Episode 2

    Victoria meets Roger Collins, who is disturbed to learn that Burke Devlin arrived in town on the same train.

  • Episode 3

    Burke attempts to obtain information on the Collins family from Joe Haskell, Carolyn Stoddard's boyfriend.

  • Episode 4

    Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and Roger question Victoria, who later meets David Collins.

  • Episode 5

    Victoria tells Carolyn about her background as an orphan. Sam Evans relates the story of Josette.

  • Episode 6

    Victoria attempts to learn why she was hired. Matthew Morgan accuses her of snooping.

  • Episode 7

    After Burke visits Sam, Roger is convinced that Burke has returned to cause trouble for him.

  • Episode 8

    Carolyn admits to Joe that she loves him and he proposes to her that they marry.

  • Episode 9

    Carolyn tells Victoria the legend of Widows’ Hill. Carolyn goes to the Collinsport Inn to see Burke.

  • Episode 10

    Roger insists that David should be sent away. Burke deceives Carolyn on why he returned.

  • Episode 11

    Burke assures Elizabeth he has not returned to cause trouble but he inquires about buying Collinwood.

  • Episode 12

    Roger tells Victoria the legend of the widows. Maggie is upset not knowing what is troubling her father.

  • Episode 13

    Victoria catches Burke in the garage standing by Roger’s car. Elizabeth and Roger are skeptical of Burke.

  • Episode 14

    While Burke waits for Roger to join him at the Blue Whale, he visits with Carolyn and Joe.

  • Episode 15

    David is convinced his father hates him. On his way to town, Roger loses control of his car and crashes.

  • Episode 16

    Elizabeth is appalled to learn that Carolyn went to the Blue Whale to see Burke.

  • Episode 17

    David has a nightmare about Roger’s accident. Bill Malloy is certain the crash was caused deliberately.

  • Episode 18

    Roger takes Victoria to confront Burke. David examines an object he has hidden in his room.

  • Episode 19

    Elizabeth is upset at Carolyn’s interest in Burke and informs her that Burke wants revenge.

  • Episode 20

    Roger accuses Burke of causing his car accident. Victoria questions Roger’s assumption of Burke’s guilt.

  • Episode 21

    Victoria receives a letter informing her that a private detective has investigated her background.

  • Episode 22

    Burke persuades Sam to paint his portrait. Roger is angry that Carolyn doubts Burke’s guilt.

  • Episode 23

    Constable Carter investigates Roger’s car accident. David grabs a wrench from the Collinwood garage.

  • Episode 24

    Carolyn admits it was her idea to bring Burke to Collinwood and that he made no threats.

  • Episode 25

    Elizabeth refuses to tell Roger her reasons for hiring Victoria. Victoria finds a hidden object.

  • Episode 26

    The sheriff obtains a warrant to search Burke’s hotel room in connection with Roger’s accident.

  • Episode 27

    Burke confers with his attorney, who has obtained financial information on the Collins family holdings.

  • Episode 28

    Maggie tells Roger that David was trying to get into Burke’s room at the Collinsport Inn.

  • Episode 29

    Burke finds David in his room and they become friends. Burke sees David hide an object in the room.

  • Episode 30

    Roger finds it hard to believe that David may have been involved with his car accident.

  • Episode 31

    Burke attempts to protect David, but later warns Victoria in private to beware of the child.

  • Episode 32

    When the sheriff questions Elizabeth about David, she tries to protect her nephew.

  • Episode 33

    Joe shows up intoxicated at Collinwood. Victoria goes to meet Burke at the Blue Whale.

  • Episode 34

    Responding to Victoria’s story about her past, Burke shows her the report his detective has furnished.

  • Episode 35

    Sam tries to get out of painting Burke’s portrait. Carolyn becomes jealous of Victoria.