Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 2

Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 2

Collinwood’s surly caretaker Matthew Morgan informs Victoria Winters that he believes the ghost of Josette Collins and other spirits inhabit the estate. In an attempt to settle the controversy surrounding the manslaughter case that sent Burke Devlin to prison, Collins Fishing Fleet Manager Bill Malloy sets up a private meeting for himself, Roger Collins, Sam Evans and Burke.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard confides to Victoria some of the legends involving Collinwood and Widows’ Hill. Carolyn Stoddard and Victoria spot a body floating at the bottom of the cliff and Victoria soon experiences a strange premonition. After Malloy mysteriously disappears, Roger nervously bribes Sam to leave town. A ghost emerges from the Old House on the Collins family property.

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Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 2
  • Episode 36

    Roger demands that Sam cancel painting Burke’s portrait. Elizabeth begs Victoria to stay at Collinwood.

  • Episode 37

    Sam gives Maggie a letter to keep. Roger admits he has heard sobbing coming from the basement.

  • Episode 38

    Matthew threatens to kill Burke. Carolyn leaves her ring for Burke to find and return to her.

  • Episode 39

    Bill Malloy informs Burke that if Burke will leave town, he’ll do his best to help clear him.

  • Episode 40

    Carolyn follows Burke to Bangor. While drunk, Sam makes a damaging admission to Bill.

  • Episode 41

    Maggie is unable to learn what is troubling Sam. Torn by his conscience, Sam comes to Collinwood.

  • Episode 42

    Burke confers with James Blair about taking control of everything the Collinses own.

  • Episode 43

    Bill admits he would do anything to protect Elizabeth. He suspects Sam has some special knowledge.

  • Episode 44

    Elizabeth learns that Burke has made a move to take over the Collins family financial holdings.

  • Episode 45

    Bill sets up a meeting to clear Burke of the manslaughter charge and place guilt on someone else.

  • Episode 46

    Bill issues a demand to Roger and Sam that they meet him at 11:00 a.m. in Roger’s office.

  • Episode 47

    Burke, Sam and Roger wait in Roger’s office for Bill to arrive. They leave after an hour.

  • Episode 48

    David receives a crystal ball as a gift from Burke. David consults the ball to learn about Bill’s disappearance.

  • Episode 49

    Everyone in Collinsport is concerned about the unexplained disappearance of Bill.

  • Episode 50

    At Widows’ Hill, Victoria screams as she sees a dead body laying on the rocks below the cliff.

  • Episode 51

    At Elizabeth’s request, Matthew investigates Widow’s Hill but reports he found no body, only seaweed.

  • Episode 52

    Victoria and Carolyn are terrified by strange noises at Collinwood. Sam makes a promise to Maggie.

  • Episode 53

    David tells Victoria that ghosts are all around them. Matthew makes a startling admission.

  • Episode 54

    Sheriff Patterson questions Matthew about Bill. Elizabeth is horrified that Bill may have been murdered.

  • Episode 55

    Roger is interrogated by the sheriff. He denies knowing the purpose of the meeting in which Bill never arrived.

  • Episode 56

    Roger insists to Sam it is imperative that the two of them must stick to their original stories.

  • Episode 57

    Burke is eager to learn who was responsible for Bill’s fate. The sheriff makes a revelation involving Bill.

  • Episode 58

    The sheriff questions Sam. David studies tidal charts to learn more about Bill’s disappearance.

  • Episode 59

    Elizabeth is queried by the sheriff. David listens as Roger makes a false confession to Elizabeth.

  • Episode 60

    Victoria visits Maggie and Sam for dinner. She finds an old painting that closely resembles her.

  • Episode 61

    Burke invites himself for dinner at the Evanses and tells Victoria of the events leading up to his manslaughter.

  • Episode 62

    Roger questions Victoria about her dinner with Maggie and Sam. Sam denies to Burke that he killed Bill.

  • Episode 63

    Maggie comes to Collinwood to confront Elizabeth. Matthew vows to protect Elizabeth.

  • Episode 64

    Matthew issues a warning to Burke. The sheriff orders Burke to stay away from Collinwood.

  • Episode 65

    Burke intends to settle his accounts at Collinwood. Roger and Sam threaten each other.

  • Episode 66

    Burke attempts to prove Roger killed Bill. Victoria admits she is not sure what time Roger left for the meeting.

  • Episode 67

    Burke tells Carolyn he was wrongly convicted and that Roger is guilty of the manslaughter.

  • Episode 68

    David tells Victoria his parents used to fight and argue about Burke. Roger tries to be friendly to Victoria.

  • Episode 69

    Burke suggests to Bill’s housekeeper, Mrs. Johnson, that they work together to find Bill’s murderer.

  • Episode 70

    David and Victoria visit the Old House on the Collinwood estate and see the portrait of Josette Collins.