Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 3

Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 3

Victoria Winters assures Carolyn Stoddard that her loyalties lie with the Collins family, not with Burke Devlin. Victoria makes a startling discovery near the ocean. David Collins visits Burke at the Collinsport Inn and insists his father is a murderer. Burke makes an offer to Elizabeth Collins Stoddard to buy Collinwood. Roger Collins frantically searches to recover evidence that may incriminate him.
Annoyed with Carolyn, Joe Haskell begins to turn his affections toward Maggie Evans. David leads Victoria to the closed-off section of Collinwood, where she is stunned by the appearance of a ghost. Caretaker Matthew Morgan tries to dissuade Mrs. Johnson from coming to work at Collinwood. In Bangor, Victoria meets lawyers Richard and Frank Garner, who she hopes will help to unlock the mysteries of her past.

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Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 3
  • Episode 71

    After touring the Collins cannery with Roger, Victoria visits the sheriff and repeats her story to him.

  • Episode 72

    Carolyn suggests to Elizabeth that Bill Malloy’s former housekeeper, Mrs. Johnson, works at Collinwood.

  • Episode 73

    Sheriff Patterson informs Elizabeth that the coroner ruled Bill’s death an accidental drowning.

  • Episode 74

    Roger is ecstatic over the coroner’s report, but Burke angrily insists that Bill was murdered.

  • Episode 75

    On Lookout Point above the ocean, Victoria finds the missing fountain pen that Burke gave to Carolyn.

  • Episode 76

    Elizabeth vows to fight Burke after he declares that he intends to take control of the Collins family holdings.

  • Episode 77

    David finds he is unable to choose between Elizabeth and Burke. David and Carolyn argue about Burke.

  • Episode 78

    Maggie and Joe enjoy each other’s company at the Blue Whale. Roger quarrels with Sam and with Joe.

  • Episode 79

    As part of a scheme, Mrs. Johnson pretends to accuse Burke of being responsible for Bill’s death.

  • Episode 80

    Roger is terrified when he learns Victoria found the fountain pen that he lost at Lookout Point.

  • Episode 81

    Matthew expresses his hostility to Burke. Elizabeth offers Mrs. Johnson a job at Collinwood.

  • Episode 82

    Burke realizes Roger lost the pen at Lookout Point. Roger takes the pen from David’s room.

  • Episode 83

    Roger buries the pen, then defends David when Victoria accuses the boy of stealing it.

  • Episode 84

    Luring her to a closed-off wing of Collinwood, David locks Victoria in an isolated room.

  • Episode 85

    Sam and Burke get drunk and discuss ghosts at Collinwood. The ghost of Bill Malloy appears.

  • Episode 86

    Burke and Carolyn enjoy a flirtatious date. Victoria attempts to escape from the locked room.

  • Episode 87

    Victoria hysterically recounts how she saw the ghost of Bill Malloy after she is freed from the room.

  • Episode 88

    In the locked room, Elizabeth and Roger discover seaweed on the floor where Victoria saw Bill’s ghost.

  • Episode 89

    Collins Enterprise employees are offered better jobs by Burke if they come to work for him instead.

  • Episode 90

    When David learns Victoria saw a ghost, he begs her to stay. Victoria finds a possible clue to her identity.

  • Episode 91

    Burke drives Victoria to Bangor and again warns her that she should leave Collinwood for good.

  • Episode 92

    In Bangor, Victoria questions Collins family lawyers Richard and Frank Garner, a father and son team.

  • Episode 93

    Roger and Elizabeth argue over Burke’s offer to buy Collinwood. David draws a picture of Bill’s ghost.

  • Episode 94

    Frank Garner promises Victoria to help her find information on her background.

  • Episode 95

    When Victoria sees Burke’s fountain pen, she believes he was involved in Bill’s death.

  • Episode 96

    On the way back from Bangor, Roger’s car stalls and he and Victoria take shelter during a storm.

  • Episode 97

    Elizabeth is annoyed that Victoria questioned the family lawyers about her background.

  • Episode 98

    Mrs. Johnson comes to work at Collinwood and investigates sobbing coming from the basement.

  • Episode 99

    Mrs. Johnson suggests to Burke that Collinwood is haunted.

  • Episode 100

    Victoria makes a revelation to Burke about the pen. Carolyn tells Roger that Victoria knows about the pen.

  • Episode 101

    Victoria agrees to visit the Old House with David. She tells Maggie she knows who killed Bill.

  • Episode 102

    Roger makes a frightening confession to Victoria regarding the death of Bill.

  • Episode 103

    Victoria is terrified when Roger confronts her about a lie she made involving him.

  • Episode 104

    Roger admits to Elizabeth that Victoria has dangerous knowledge. Victoria is nearly hit by a car.

  • Episode 105

    The sheriff and Burke witness Roger tampering with evidence in the death of Bill.