Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 5

Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 5

Victoria Winters and Frank Garner anxiously search for clues to Laura Collins’ strange origins and are led to a series of bizarre discoveries. Elizabeth Collins Stoddard orders Laura to leave Collinwood, but Laura secretly visits Elizabeth while she sleeps and places her in a trance. Laura warns Victoria that she will take control of her son, David Collins, but becomes frightened when the ghost of Josette Collins appears to her. Against Roger Collins’ wishes, a psychic investigator, Dr. Peter Guthrie, is called in to examine the strange occurrences at Collinwood and a séance is held. Victoria and Guthrie learn that the body of a dead woman identified as Laura has disappeared from the morgue in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 5
  • Episode 144

    In the Collins family history book, Victoria finds a picture of Josette wearing a familiar locket.

  • Episode 145

    Laura stares into the flames and a fire begins at Sam and Maggie Evans’ cottage.

  • Episode 146

    Roger sees that Sam’s second painting of Laura has been burned.

  • Episode 147

    Burke asks Laura for help in clearing him of the manslaughter charge.

  • Episode 148

    Victoria and Frank agree that Laura should not be left alone with David at any time.

  • Episode 149

    The ghost of Josette finishes Sam’s painting, which becomes a portrait surrounded by flames.

  • Episode 150

    Elizabeth orders Laura to stay away from David but Laura assures David she will take him away.

  • Episode 151

    Roger encourages David to become closer to his mother.

  • Episode 152

    The identity of the woman who died in a mysterious fire in Phoenix is revealed.

  • Episode 153

    Victoria feels compelled to go with Frank to a building at the edge of a graveyard.

  • Episode 154

    Victoria and Frank discover that Laura Murdock Stockbridge is buried in the crypt.

  • Episode 155

    Elizabeth orders Laura to leave Collinwood. Laura stares into the flames and Elizabeth collapses.

  • Episode 156

    Elizabeth cannot remember what happened to her. A shrouded figure appears in her room.

  • Episode 157

    Victoria and Frank find graves of two Lauras who died by fire one hundred years apart.

  • Episode 158

    At the hospital, the doctor is baffled by Elizabeth’s condition. A visit from Laura upsets Elizabeth.

  • Episode 159

    Victoria tells Frank that Elizabeth is adament that David be kept away from Laura.

  • Episode 160

    Dr. Peter Guthrie believes Elizabeth’s illness is the result of a traumatic experience.

  • Episode 161

    Guthrie is convinced there must be some outside influence over Elizabeth’s condition.

  • Episode 162

    David relates to Dr. Guthrie the legend of Josette. David sees Josette’s portrait make a transformation.

  • Episode 163

    Laura questions David about Dr. Guthrie before the doctor closely interrogates her.

  • Episode 164

    Sam describes to Dr. Guthrie how he felt when he was creating Laura’s painting.

  • Episode 165

    David goes to spend the night with his mother and the ghost of Josette appears to them.

  • Episode 166

    Victoria and Carolyn are concerned about David. Burke is suspicious of Dr. Guthrie.

  • Episode 167

    Laura insists she must take David away soon, before Elizabeth returns from the hospital.

  • Episode 168

    Sam blames everything on Laura. Dr. Guthrie invites Laura to a séance at Collinwood.

  • Episode 169

    Roger wants his divorce from Laura expedited. Guthrie admits they are dealing with an unknown power.

  • Episode 170

    During the séance, Victoria babbles in French, then collapses just before revealing an important secret.

  • Episode 171

    Dr. Guthrie translates Josette’s warning. Laura appears in Victoria’s room during the night.

  • Episode 172

    Mrs. Johnson reports to Burke what happened at the séance. Laura causes a recording to be erased.

  • Episode 173

    Victoria tells Burke of the mysterious events surrounding Laura. Burke becomes suspicious of her.

  • Episode 174

    The police discover that the body is missing of the woman who died by fire in Phoenix.

  • Episode 175

    Dr. Guthrie questions Laura about the missing body. Later, the doctor mysteriously collapses.

  • Episode 176

    Laura attempts to finish casting a spell on Dr. Guthrie, who warns her that he knows she has powers.

  • Episode 177

    Dr. Guthrie asks Joe Haskell to assist his investigation of Laura by helping to open a grave.

  • Episode 178

    Carolyn tries to persuade Roger to give Guthrie another chance. Joe and Guthrie break into the crypt.