Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 6

Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 6

Dr. Peter Guthrie and Joe Haskell break into Laura Murdoch Stockbridge’s crypt at Eagle Hill Cemetery. David Collins informs Victoria Winters that he wants to go away with his mother, Laura. Guthrie arranges to conduct a seance at the Old House to contact Josette Collins’ ghost. Victoria makes a bizarre discovery that leads her to believe David’s life is in jeopardy after Laura summons him to an abandoned fishing shack. Victoria sees Elizabeth Collins Stoddard coming from the mysterious locked room in the Collinwood basement. A nervous Elizabeth is shocked when Jason McGuire, a devious friend of her missing husband’s, arrives in town unexpectedly. He reminds Elizabeth of an old secret that they share. Jason and his traveling companion, a drifter named Willie Loomis, force Elizabeth to let them move into Collinwood. Willie learns that Collins family members have been buried with their jewels and he becomes mesmerized by the portrait of Barnabas Collins hanging in the foyer.

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Dark Shadows: The Beginning - Collection 6
  • Episode 179

    The caretaker at Eagle Hill Cemetery forbids the opening of Laura’s coffin.

  • Episode 180

    Dr. Guthrie, Joe Haskell and Frank Garner discover the cemetery records are faded.

  • Episode 181

    An old newspaper clipping tells of a boy named David who was consumed in flames.

  • Episode 182

    David decides he wants to go away from Collinwood to live with his mother.

  • Episode 183

    When Laura refuses to put out the fire in her fireplace, Dr. Guthrie makes a discovery.

  • Episode 184

    David receives a warning from the ghost of Josette to save Dr. Guthrie.

  • Episode 185

    Guthrie plans another seance at the Old House and Laura places a spell on him.

  • Episode 186

    During the séance, the spirit of David Radcliffe speaks through David Collins.

  • Episode 187

    Victoria learns that Laura Radcliffe died exactly one hundred years ago.

  • Episode 188

    Laura tells David to be ready to go away with her. Victoria keeps watch over David.

  • Episode 189

    While Mrs. Johnson looks after David, he slips out of the house when she receives a phone call.

  • Episode 190

    Laura secretly meets David at an abandoned fishing shack, which is soon engulfed by fire.

  • Episode 191

    Victoria attempts to save David. In the hospital, Elizabeth starts to come out of her trance.

  • Episode 192

    Elizabeth has recovered from her attack. Roger tries to comfort David.

  • Episode 193

    An art dealer asks to buy Sam’s older paintings. Sam tries to get them back from Roger.

  • Episode 194

    Elizabeth returns and demands the key to the locked room in the Collinwood basement.

  • Episode 195

    Victoria makes a promise to Elizabeth. A stranger arrives at Collinwood and asks for Elizabeth.

  • Episode 196

    Elizabeth reveals that the visitor, Jason McGuire, was a friend of her husband, Paul Stoddard.

  • Episode 197

    While searching for Sam’s paintings, Roger finds Jason snooping around in the basement.

  • Episode 198

    Maggie realizes Sam sold his paintings to Roger for a bribe during Burke’s manslaughter case.

  • Episode 199

    Drifter Willie Loomis meets his friend Jason at the Blue Whale. Sam makes a confession.

  • Episode 200

    Jason reminds Elizabeth of the secret they share. Burke and Sam confront Roger at Collinwood.

  • Episode 201

    Roger admits that he was driving the car that killed a man and sent Burke to prison ten years ago.

  • Episode 202

    Willie picks a fight with Joe at the Blue Whale. Willie joins Jason as an unwelcome house guest.

  • Episode 203

    Victoria becomes frightened by the feeling that Elizabeth is powerless to control Jason and Willie.

  • Episode 204

    Carolyn pulls a gun to scare off Willie. She and Victoria are disturbed by his violent behavior.

  • Episode 205

    Willie becomes fascinated by the portrait of Barnabas Collins hanging in the Collinwood foyer.

  • Episode 206

    Burke makes an offer to Elizabeth to help her deal with Jason and Willie.

  • Episode 207

    Burke and Willie fight at the Blue Whale. Willie tells Jason he won’t leave town without money.

  • Episode 208

    David tells Willie that the Collins jewels were buried with family members.

  • Episode 209

    Willie goes to the Collins family mausoleum, where a heartbeat is heard coming from the tomb.