Dark Shadows - Volume 1

Dark Shadows - Volume 1

Released from his chained coffin after nearly 200 years, Barnabas Collins arrives at the Collinwood estate claiming to be a relative from England. Although noticing Barnabas’ resemblance to his “ancestor” in the foyer portrait, the Collins family does not realize he is the same Barnabas who lived at Collinwood in the 18th century. As Barnabas moves in to the Old House on the property, those around him are unaware of the horrors that will soon follow.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 1
  • Episode 210

    Handyman Willie Loomis discovers a chained coffin in the secret room of the Collins Mausoleum.

  • Episode 211

    A stranger arrives at Collinwood, introducing himself as Barnabas Collins, a cousin from England.

  • Episode 212

    At the Old House, Barnabas speaks to the portrait of Josette, declaring that he has come home to stay.

  • Episode 213

    Carolyn Stoddard tries to learn what hold Jason McGuire has over her mother, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.

  • Episode 214

    Barnabas meets Roger Collins and Carolyn, who comment on his resemblance to the original Barnabas’ portrait.

  • Episode 215

    At the Blue Whale, Willie refuses to tell Jason where he’s been. Jason notices blood on Willie’s sleeve.

  • Episode 216

    Jason forces Willie to apologize to Carolyn and Elizabeth. He discovers bite marks on Willie’s arm.

  • Episode 217

    Hearing a heartbeat, Willie sneaks out of Collinwood and goes to the cemetery. Jason follows him.

  • Episode 218

    Barnabas asks permission from Roger and Elizabeth to take up residence in the Old House.

  • Episode 219

    Dr. Dave Woodard informs Roger that Willie’s illness has been caused by a loss of blood.

  • Episode 220

    Elizabeth allows Barnabas to live at the Old House. Barnabas moves in with Willie as his servant.

  • Episode 221

    Waitress Maggie Evans meets Barnabas at the Collinsport Inn. She later feels as if someone is watching her.

  • Episode 222

    Barnabas commissions artist Sam Evans, Maggie’s father, to paint a portrait of him, but only at night.

  • Episode 223

    Elizabeth learns that Willie is working for Barnabas. David Collins sneaks into the Old House.

  • Episode 224

    Maggie has a nightmare where she is lost in the woods and discovers a coffin with herself inside it.

  • Episode 225/226

    At the Blue Whale, Maggie reacts strangely to Barnabas. He later appears in her bedroom as she sleeps.

  • Episode 227

    Maggie is tired and weak when she wakes. The next night, Barnabas slips away while Sam paints.

  • Episode 228

    Carolyn discovers something relating to her missing father is in a locked basement room at Collinwood.

  • Episode 229

    Dr. Woodard says Maggie’s illness is due to blood loss. Sam later discovers that Maggie is missing.

  • Episode 230

    Disguising his voice on the phone, Willie tells Victoria where to find Maggie. Barnabas beats Willie.

  • Episode 231

    Dr. Woodard orders a blood transfusion for Maggie. Sam prevents her from leaving their cottage.

  • Episode 232

    A defiant Maggie orders her boyfriend, Joe Haskell, out of the cottage. Victoria Winters watches over her.

  • Episode 233

    During a violent thunderstorm, Barnabas tells Victoria and Carolyn the story of Josette Collins’ death.

  • Episode 234

    After Maggie angrily orders her to leave, Victoria phones for help. The sound of howling dogs is heard.

  • Episode 235

    In the hospital, Maggie appears to be dead. But her body disappears when the nurse and Dr. Woodard return.

  • Episode 236

    Barnabas takes Maggie to the Old House and tells her that she will become his lost love, Josette.

  • Episode 237

    Dr. Woodard fears that Maggie may be dead. In the woods, Jason hears the sound of dogs howling.

  • Episode 238

    Carolyn and Victoria admire Willie’s work at the Old House. When they leave, Maggie appears dressed as Josette.

  • Episode 239

    Maggie seems to believe she is Josette. Willie hides her when Sam and Joe arrive at the Old House.

  • Episode 240

    Barnabas takes a curious David back to Collinwood, but the boy returns to the Old House and sees Maggie.

  • Episode 241

    At the Old House, David believes Maggie is Josette’s ghost. Later, Maggie calls out for David.

  • Episode 242

    Dr. Woodard finds something suspicious in Maggie’s blood slides, which are later stolen from his ransacked office.

  • Episode 243

    Dr. Woodard hopes to examine Willie’s blood. Jason informs Elizabeth that they will be married.

  • Episode 244

    Jason threatens to tell everyone that Elizabeth murdered her long missing husband Paul Stoddard.

  • Episode 245

    After Dr. Woodard arrives to take a sample of Willie’s blood, Barnabas switches the slide samples.

  • Episode 246

    Carolyn believes the locked basement room contains a clue to Jason’s mysterious hold over her mother.

  • Episode 247

    Sam visits the Old House. Later, Maggie sneaks out and is spotted by Sam outside his cottage window.

  • Episode 248

    Barnabas finds Maggie in the cemetery and puts her in the coffin in the secret room of the mausoleum.

  • Episode 249

    The locked room in the basement is opened. Everyone is shocked to hear of Elizabeth’s wedding plans.

  • Episode 250

    Maggie pretends to believe she is Josette. She prepares to stake Barnabas in his coffin.