Dark Shadows - Volume 10

Dark Shadows - Volume 10

Barnabas Collins decides that Maggie Evans must serve as the life force in the bizarre experiment he and Dr. Julia Hoffman plan to conduct in the hope of creating a mate for Adam. Maggie begins to remember how Barnabas kidnapped her months before and attempted to make her his bride. As a vampire, Angelique attacks Barnabas and places him under her supernatural control. Haunted by the fear of being buried alive, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard tells her brother Roger Collins that she plans to construct a special mausoleum. Victoria Winters reveals to Elizabeth that she and Jeff Clark will soon marry. Eve informs Jeff they have both lived before as lovers in the 1790s.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 10
  • Episode 574

    Nicholas learns from Willie how the first experiment used a life force.

  • Episode 575

    Angelique is determined to become the life force in the second experiment.

  • Episode 576

    Roger offers Jeff a job, but he turns it down. Elizabeth dreams of being buried alive.

  • Episode 577

    After a jealous Adam sees Tony and Carolyn kissing, he attacks Tony.

  • Episode 578

    Roger is shocked to learn of the changes Elizabeth is making in her will.

  • Episode 579

    When Jeff is unable to explain his strange behavior, Victoria returns his engagement ring.

  • Episode 580

    Angelique bites Jeff and orders him to begin the experiment with her.

  • Episode 581

    Adam returns to Collinwood and is overwhelmed by Carolyn’s gift.

  • Episode 582

    Barnabas decides that Maggie must be used as the experiment’s life force.

  • Episode 583

    Willie kidnaps Maggie before Barnabas can involve her with the experiment.

  • Episode 584

    Willie hides Maggie in the secret room of the Collins Mausoleum.

  • Episode 585

    Barnabas vows to kill Adam, but Adam overpowers him and begins to strangle Victoria.

  • Episode 586

    Adam wants Carolyn to be the life force in the second experiment.

  • Episode 587

    At the mausoleum, Willie prevents Maggie from escaping.

  • Episode 588

    A frightened Maggie remembers that Barnabas once kidnapped her.

  • Episode 589

    Carolyn informs Barnabas that she wants to be the life force for Adam’s sake.

  • Episode 590

    Julia makes preparations to begin the experiment in the Old House basement.

  • Episode 591

    After something goes wrong with the experiment, Julia fears Carolyn may die.

  • Episode 592

    Carolyn appears to be dead, but later her body is missing from Josette’s room.

  • Episode 593

    When Julia tries to hypnotize Maggie, she recognizes Julia’s medallion.

  • Episode 594

    Nicholas calls up the spirit of Danielle Roget to be used as the new life force.

  • Episode 595

    Adam brings Leona Eltridge to be used as the life force to create Eve.

  • Episode 596

    Stokes reveals Leona is a reincarnation of the evil Danielle Roget from the 18th century.

  • Episode 597

    Spirits lead Barnabas and Stokes to a basement where Leona’s body has disappeared.

  • Episode 598

    After seeing Willie leave the mausoleum secret room, David investigates.

  • Episode 599

    Barnabas fears that Maggie will reveal his long-hidden secret.

  • Episode 600

    Eve tells Nicholas that she hates Adam and wants to kill him.

  • Episode 601

    Harry Johnson informs Nicholas of Eve’s plan. Nicholas sends for Angelique.

  • Episode 602

    Nicholas stops Angelique from biting Jeff. Adam brings Eve to Nicholas’ basement.

  • Episode 603

    Elizabeth is found in the graveyard and brought home, where she appears to be dead.

  • Episode 604

    After being declared dead, Elizabeth revives. Victoria decides to give Jeff another chance.

  • Episode 605

    Barnabas goes to Nicholas’ house with the intention of killing Eve.

  • Episode 606

    Nicholas orders Angelique not to see Barnabas again without his permission.

  • Episode 607

    Joe comes to Angelique, but she rejects him. In a rage, Joe stabs himself.

  • Episode 608

    Barnabas takes Joe’s body to Julia, who discovers wounds on Joe’s neck.

  • Episode 609

    Eve sees Jeff waiting for Victoria. Later, she calls him by the name of Peter Bradford.

  • Episode 610

    Nicholas sends Eve back to the 18th century to meet Peter when he first lived.

  • Episode 611

    Nicholas proposes to Maggie that they become husband and wife.

  • Episode 612

    Angelique orders Barnabas to force Joe to drink poisoned medicine.

  • Episode 613

    Julia catches Barnabas attempting to poison Joe, who later tries to strangle Barnabas.