Dark Shadows - Volume 11

Dark Shadows - Volume 11

Julia Hoffman discovers wound marks on Barnabas' neck and realizes he is under the control of a vampire. Roger Collins attempts to prevent Victoria Winters from marrying Jeff Clark after he dreams the wedding will bring doom to her. After Chris Jennings arrives in Collinsport to investigate the death of his brother, a werewolf attacks a barmaid at the Blue Whale tavern. David Collins and Amy Jennings explore the closed-off section of Collinwood, where they discover a disconnected old telephone and the mysterious spirit of Quentin Collins. Convinced that the mansion is being possessed by evil forces, Professor Stokes calls in a medium to investigate.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 11
  • Episode 614

    Joe is found unconscious in the mausoleum and later confesses he attempted to kill Barnabas.

  • Episode 615

    The sheriff questions Mrs. Johnson, Julia and Barnabas about Joe.

  • Episode 616

    For protection, Barnabas is locked in a cell in the Old House basement.

  • Episode 617

    After Roger dreams about the wedding of Victoria and Jeff, he decides to stop it.

  • Episode 618

    Angelique makes plans to go away with Barnabas, who tries to reach Victoria.

  • Episode 619

    Victoria finds Barnabas in the woods and hides him in the west wing of Collinwood.

  • Episode 620

    Julia discovers that Adam is suffering from the same neck wounds as Barnabas.

  • Episode 621

    Nicholas decides to destroy Angelique but discovers her coffin is empty.

  • Episode 622

    Nicholas performs a ceremony to send Eve back to 1796 to find Peter Bradford.

  • Episode 623

    In 1796, Peter refuses Eve’s offer for help but writes her a note before he goes to the gallows.

  • Episode 624

    Victoria makes preparations for her wedding while Eve makes plans to prevent it.

  • Episode 625

    Jeff calls off the wedding and goes to the cemetery to locate Peter Bradford’s grave.

  • Episode 626

    Jeff digs up Peter’s coffin and finds it is empty. He discovers Eve’s body in his closet.

  • Episode 627

    Victoria tries to convince Jeff to wait for the police instead of running away.

  • Episode 628

    Angelique visits the Netherworld and tells Diabolos that Nicholas is in love with Maggie.

  • Episode 629

    Diabolos orders Nicholas to sacrifice Maggie in a black mass so they may be together.

  • Episode 630

    Nicholas revives Tom Jennings and orders him to attack Victoria.

  • Episode 631

    In a crypt, Barnabas battles Tom and confronts him with a crucifix.

  • Episode 632

    Amy Jennings is glad when her brother Chris decides to stay in Collinsport.

  • Episode 633/634

    Barnabas tries to prevent the new experiment to bring Eve back to life.

  • Episode 635

    Adam kidnaps Victoria and attempts to conduct the experiment himself.

  • Episode 636

    Professor Stokes prepares to send Adam to a clinic to remove his scars.

  • Episode 637

    After they are married, Victoria watches in horror as Jeff fades away.

  • Episode 638

    On her way to the Old House, Elizabeth hears an animal growling in the woods.

  • Episode 639

    Elizabeth brings Amy to stay at Collinwood. Amy and David explore the west wing.

  • Episode 640

    David and Amy hold a seance to contact the spirit of Quentin Collins.

  • Episode 641

    Professor Stokes tells Victoria that she can be with Jeff only if she dies.

  • Episode 642

    During a seance to contact Jeff, the spirit of Magda speaks through Carolyn.

  • Episode 643

    Amy tells David that Quentin is angry. Spirits visit them as they enter the west wing.

  • Episode 644

    Roger discovers David and Amy are missing. David hears Quentin's music and searches for him.

  • Episode 645

    David and Amy find what they believe to be the skeleton of Quentin.

  • Episode 646

    The ghosts of Quentin and Beth Chavez silently appear to David and Amy.

  • Episode 647

    Professor Stokes brings Janet Findley, a medium, to find the spirit possessing Collinwood.

  • Episode 648

    David and Amy lock Ms. Findley in the secret passageway at Collinwood.

  • Episode 649

    Ms. Findley hears the old, disconnected telephone ring.

  • Episode 650

    After Jeff returns, he and Victoria disappear together into the past.

  • Episode 651

    Following a visit from Joe, Chris transforms into a werewolf.

  • Episode 652/653

    Maggie is hired as the new governess. Joe is attacked by the werewolf.

  • Episode 654

    After Chris begs him, Joe agrees to shoot him when Chris turns into the werewolf again.

  • Episode 655

    In a dream, Cassandra tells Elizabeth that she will be buried alive.