Dark Shadows - Volume 12

Dark Shadows - Volume 12

When Barnabas sees a mysterious photograph with a silhouette of Victoria Winters hanging from the gallows, he decides he must go back in time to the year 1796 to save her. He attempts to change the course of history, but his efforts are threatened with the appearance of Angelique the witch, and once again Barnabas finds he is a victim of the vampire curse. In 1969, Carolyn Stoddard invites Chris Jennings to move into the caretaker's cottage on the Collinwood estate, unaware that Chris is harboring a dark and deadly secret. In the woods, Carolyn is attacked by a werewolf. Maggie Evans searches for David Collins in the abandoned west wing of Collinwood and is terrified to discover the ghost of Quentin Collins. Professor Stokes is summoned to exorcise the haunted mansion, which the Collins family is forced to abandon.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 12
  • Episode 656

    Barnabas decides that David and Amy should go on a trip to Boston with him and Maggie.

  • Episode 657

    Mrs. Johnson believes Victoria wants to return from the past. A message convinces Barnabas to stay at Collinwood.

  • Episode 658

    Joe is tormented by visions of Tom as a vampire and Chris as a werewolf.

  • Episode 659

    An image of Victoria, hanging, appears in a photograph David takes of Barnabas and Carolyn.

  • Episode 660

    Barnabas makes plans to travel back in time to prevent Victoria from being hanged.

  • Episode 661

    Barnabas summons Peter Bradford to help him go back to the year 1796.

  • Episode 662

    In 1796, Barnabas tells Ben Stokes that he plans to change history.

  • Episode 663

    In 1796, Barnabas forces Nathan Forbes to sign a confession that he lied during Victoria's trial.

  • Episode 664

    In 1796, Angelique promises to save Victoria, but later vows never to release Victoria from her spell.

  • Episode 665

    In 1796, Natalie DuPres and Nathan prepare to destroy Barnabas.

  • Episode 666

    In 1796, Barnabas pleads with Ben to chain him inside his coffin.

  • Episode 667

    In 1969, Willie releases Barnabas from his chained coffin.

  • Episode 668

    Carolyn convinces Chris Jennings to move into Matthew Morgan’s old cottage.

  • Episode 669

    David locks Mrs. Johnson inside the cottage.

  • Episode 670

    Maggie goes to the cottage as Chris is undergoing a transformation.

  • Episode 671

    As Elizabeth lies paralyzed in her coffin, Carolyn hears her mother’s voice warning her.

  • Episode 672

    While walking through the woods, Carolyn is attacked by the werewolf.

  • Episode 673

    Barnabas informs Chris about the attack on Carolyn. Amy burns Chris’ blood-stained shirt.

  • Episode 674

    Carolyn’s friend Donna visits and is attacked by the werewolf.

  • Episode 675

    The sheriff takes Chris into custody and Barnabas attempts to provide an alibi.

  • Episode 676

    Chris tells Barnabas of the night when he first changed into a werewolf.

  • Episode 677

    The spirit of Quentin Collins poisons Chris. Julia and Barnabas find him unconscious.

  • Episode 678

    Beth Chavez’s ghost warns Amy that Quentin is trying to poison Chris.

  • Episode 679

    When David sneaks into the west wing at Collinwood, Maggie secretly follows him.

  • Episode 680

    After Maggie punishes David, he threatens to get even. In the west wing, Maggie sees Quentin.

  • Episode 681

    Maggie tells Elizabeth about her encounter in the west wing and returns there with Elizabeth.

  • Episode 682

    Barnabas calls on Professor Stokes, who proposes a seance to contact the spirit of medium Janet Findley.

  • Episode 683

    The ghost of Beth appears to Chris and shows him a place in the woods where a child’s coffin is located.

  • Episode 684

    Barnabas contacts elderly jeweler Ezra Braithwaite to learn about the pentagram found in the child’s coffin.

  • Episode 685

    Quentin’s ghost appears to Ezra, who realizes he is the same Quentin he knew at Collinwood as a young man.

  • Episode 686

    Roger returns from a trip and learns that Barnabas has accused David of stealing Ezra’s record book.

  • Episode 687

    When Chris begins to feel he is changing, Barnabas rushes him to the mausoleum secret room.

  • Episode 688

    Ned Stuart tells Barnabas about his sister Sabrina, who was once going to marry Chris.

  • Episode 689

    Quentin appears to David and causes him to feel as if he were on fire.

  • Episode 690

    While Maggie searches for David and Amy, she hears Quentin’s maniacal laughter.

  • Episode 691

    Quentin attacks Maggie. His vintage music is heard by Elizabeth and Mrs. Johnson.

  • Episode 692

    Elizabeth and Julia are convinced that the children are possessed by a pair of ghosts.

  • Episode 693

    Professor Stokes performs an exorcism on Collinwood, but Quentin sets the room on fire.

  • Episode 694

    Everyone abandons Collinwood and Quentin’s laughter is heard echoing through the empty mansion.

  • Episode 695

    David and Amy sneak into Collinwood and destroy the antique telephone used to communicate with Quentin.