Dark Shadows - Volume 13

Dark Shadows - Volume 13

As a result of being possessed by the ghost of Quentin Collins, David Collins falls into a coma and hovers near death. Barnabas attempts to make contact with Quentin through an I Ching trance but instead finds he has travelled back in time almost one-hundred years when Quentin first lived. In 1897, Barnabas is a vampire once again and introduces himself at Collinwood as a cousin from England. He meets governess Rachel Drummond and is amazed by her resemblance to his lost love Josette. A suspicious Quentin enlists sorcerer Evan Hanley to raise a spirit to combat Barnabas, resulting in the appearance of the vengeful witch Angelique. Magda the gypsy warns Quentin that he is in grave danger and Edward Collins is shocked when his mysterious, long-absent wife Laura returns for their children.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 13
  • Episode 696

    After searching for Maggie, Barnabas finds her dressed in a 19th century gown, unable to remember her name.

  • Episode 697

    When Sabrina sees Barnabas’ wolf’s head cane, she begins to remember what happened two years earlier.

  • Episode 698

    In the secret room of the mausoleum, Barnabas and Julia discover Chris is a werewolf even though there is no full moon.

  • Episode 699

    Julia decides there is a connection between Chris and Quentin. Barnabas and Maggie search the west wing.

  • Episode 700

    Barnabas insists on using the I Ching wands to make contact with Quentin and to save David.

  • Episode 701

    In the year 1897, Sandor the gypsy discovers Barnabas’ chained coffin in the mausoleum and opens it.

  • Episode 702

    At the Old House, Barnabas meets Sandor's wife Magda, who realizes Barnabas is a vampire.

  • Episode 703

    Quentin is suspicious when Barnabas introduces himself to the 1897 Collins family as a cousin from England.

  • Episode 704

    Quentin demands that his grandmother Edith tell him the family secret.

  • Episode 705

    Edith sees Barnabas and tries to tell Edward Collins the secret.

  • Episode 706

    Barnabas meets Carl Collins, who pulls a trick gun on him.

  • Episode 707

    Quentin tells new governess Rachel Drummond the legend of the Collinwood tower room.

  • Episode 708

    Quentin forces Jamison Collins to steal the will that is hidden in Edith’s coffin.

  • Episode 709

    Barnabas tells Rachel of her close resemblance to Josette Collins.

  • Episode 710

    Evan Hanley performs a ritual to summon a spirit to help him and Quentin deal with Barnabas.

  • Episode 711

    Barnabas believes Rachel is the reincarnation of Josette and Angelique casts a spell on her.

  • Episode 712

    After Angelique hypnotizes Rachel, Barnabas finds her lying inside his coffin.

  • Episode 713

    Barnabas asks Magda for an amulet to protect Rachel from Angelique.

  • Episode 714

    Judith informs her brothers that she has found Edith’s will and that she is the sole beneficiary.

  • Episode 715

    An escapee from the tower room sets Edward’s room on fire.

  • Episode 716

    Jenny Collins attacks Rachel and locks her in the tower room. She then attacks Judith.

  • Episode 717

    Barnabas investigates the tower room while searching for Rachel’s attacker.

  • Episode 718

    Angelique shows Barnabas a terrifying vision and Quentin attempts voodoo on Barnabas.

  • Episode 719

    After Jenny hears Quentin’s music, she escapes and searches for him with a large knife.

  • Episode 720

    Jenny stabs Quentin and leaves him to die. Barnabas later finds Dirk leaning over the body.

  • Episode 721

    Barnabas summons Angelique to save Quentin. She causes him to rise as a zombie.

  • Episode 722

    Rachel wakes from a nightmare to find Quentin, as a zombie, rocking by her bed.

  • Episode 723

    After a ritual, Quentin returns to his coffin, but he later rises and abducts Rachel.

  • Episode 724

    Barnabas, Magda and Sandor perform a ceremony to make Quentin's spirit return to his body.

  • Episode 725

    Gregory Trask tells Judith that Jamison Collins is possessed by Quentin’s spirit.

  • Episode 726

    After Judith and Barnabas discover that Jamison and Quentin are normal again, Jamison disappears.

  • Episode 727

    Rachel tells Barnabas that she attended Trask’s school. Barnabas bites Trask’s daughter, Charity.

  • Episode 728

    Nora Collins sees a vision of her absent mother, Laura, in the flames of the fireplace.

  • Episode 729

    Nora sneaks out of Collinwood to search for her mother in the woods.

  • Episode 730

    Laura returns to Collinwood. Quentin sees her and claims that he saw her die in Alexandria.

  • Episode 731

    Laura refuses her husband Edward’s bribe of payment to leave town permanently.

  • Episode 732

    Laura causes Quentin to experience a fiery pain. Angelique agrees to revive him if Barnabas will marry her.

  • Episode 733

    Minerva Trask arrives to take Rachel and the children back to Worthington Hall.

  • Episode 734

    At school, Trask reprimands Jamison by locking him in a closet and threatens more severe punishment.

  • Episode 735

    Trask refuses to return Jamison and Nora to Laura. That night, the school catches on fire.