Dark Shadows - Volume 17

Dark Shadows - Volume 17

In 1897, Judith Collins is released from the sanitarium and returns to Collinwood, where Gregory Trask, hoping to seize control of the Collins family wealth, plans her murder. Evan Hanley conducts a ceremony to reunite Quentin Collins' mind with his body, which has been taken over by Count Petofi. Secretly cured of his vampirism, Barnabas Collins reappears, claiming to be a British relative. Mesmerized by Josette's portrait, lady Kitty Hampshire begins to believe she is Barnabas' lost love. When Kitty vanishes, Barnabas follows her back to the year 1796. He is chosen against his will to become the human leader of the Leviathans, an ancient race from another world. The ghost of Jenny Collins warns Chris Jennings in 1969 that Quentin is the only one who can save him from the werewolf curse.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 17
  • Episode 858

    In 1897, Julia hears voices from the present. Angelique is puzzled by Quentin’s behavior.

  • Episode 859

    In Petofi’s body, Quentin orders Kitty to steal Quentin’s portrait. Quentin’s wedding is set.

  • Episode 860

    Angelique decides her marriage must be postponed. In a seance, Charity calls upon a spirit to appear.

  • Episode 861

    Judith returns to Collinwood from the sanitarium. Dressed as Josette, Kitty visits Jeremiah Collins' grave.

  • Episode 862

    Quentin convinces Evan that his mind is in Petofi’s body. They pretend to hold a ceremony.

  • Episode 863

    Petofi forces Evan to dig a grave. Gregory Trask learns that Judith is back and making new plans.

  • Episode 864

    Angelique visits a mysterious cave. Charity tells Angelique that Quentin is not who he appears to be.

  • Episode 865

    Quentin, whose mind remains in Petofi’s body, explains the mind switch to Angelique.

  • Episode 866

    Kitty writes a letter, dating it 1796. She is entranced by the portrait of Josette at the Old House.

  • Episode 867

    A desperate Angelique tries to convince Aristede to save her.

  • Episode 868

    Barnabas reappears at Collinwood, claiming to be a relative from England.

  • Episode 869

    Barnabas’ coffin is set afire. Trask later confronts Barnabas with a cross.

  • Episode 870

    Kitty accepts Edward's marriage proposal, but later goes to Barnabas.

  • Episode 871

    Petofi, in Quentin's body, watches Charles Delaware Tate use the I Ching wands in a ceremony.

  • Episode 872

    Petofi enters the I Ching trance and moves through the door to the Collinwood of the present.

  • Episode 873

    Petofi demands that Barnabas return the portrait of Quentin. Kitty realizes she is Josette.

  • Episode 874

    Kitty is terrified of what will happen if she becomes Josette. Beth discovers the mind switch.

  • Episode 875

    Using Petofi's power, Quentin attempts to reverse the mind switch.

  • Episode 876

    Quentin, whom Aristede believes is Petofi, orders Aristede to stab Petofi, whom Aristede believes is Quentin.

  • Episode 877

    Petofi recalls Aristede being pursued by Garth Blackwood, a sadistic prison master from England.

  • Episode 878

    Trask asks Evan’s help in influencing Judith. Blackwood’s spirit seeks revenge on Aristede.

  • Episode 879

    Judith orders Tim Shaw to brick up Trask inside Quentin’s room.

  • Episode 880

    Trask calls Judith on Quentin’s telephone and begs for mercy. Blackwood locates Aristede.

  • Episode 881

    Quentin is determined to leave Collinwood and tries to stay awake to keep Petofi from again possessing him.

  • Episode 882

    Barnabas asks Angelique to help Quentin. Charity attempts to steal Petofi’s glasses.

  • Episode 883

    Blackwood sets fire to the cottage where Petofi has entered a trance. Charity sees a vision.

  • Episode 884

    Kitty goes to Josette’s room at the Old House, wearing Josette’s wedding dress.

  • Episode 885

    Barnabas follows Kitty. In the year 1796, Angelique taunts Josette on the cliff at Widows’ Hill.

  • Episode 886

    In 1796, Josette believes Barnabas has betrayed her. The Leviathans capture Barnabas.

  • Episode 887

    The Leviathans greet Barnabas as their master and give him a mysterious box.

  • Episode 888

    In 1969, Julia and Carolyn meet Megan and Philip Todd, who owns the antique shop.

  • Episode 889

    Professor Stokes tries to restore Sabrina’s memory. Julia is mystified by Barnabas’ strange behavior.

  • Episode 890

    In a dream, Oberon, the Leviathan, tells Barnabas how to recognize the chosen ones.

  • Episode 891

    Barnabas gives Megan the Leviathan box. A sound indicates something may have escaped from it.

  • Episode 892

    A mysterious stranger introduces himself to Carolyn as her father, Paul Stoddard.

  • Episode 893

    The Leviathan child has come to stay with Philip and Megan.

  • Episode 894/895

    Barnabas claims that Philip will be punished for allowing the Leviathan book to be stolen.

  • Episode 896

    David Collins is mesmerized by the Leviathan sign of the Naga. Olivia Corey searches for the Tate painting.

  • Episode 897

    The ghost of Jenny Collins warns Chris Jennings that he must find Quentin.

  • Episode 898

    A seance is held to contact Quentin. Paul panics when he sees the Naga mark on his wrist.