Dark Shadows - Volume 18

Dark Shadows - Volume 18

While driving in the Collinsport village, Barnabas Collins accidentally hits a stranger in the road. He recognizes that the man is identical to Quentin Collins from 1897. Paul Stoddard becomes frantic when he realizes that the Leviathans want to claim the soul of his daughter Carolyn due to an agreement he made when she was a child. He discovers that the young boy living at the antique shop is a member of the other-worldly race. Dr. Julia Hoffman's investigations to find a curse for Chris Jennings' werewolf curse lead her to the elderly artist Charles Delaware Tate. After revealing that she is really Amanda Harris from 1897, Olivia Corey tries to help Quentin regain his memory. While searching for Quentin's mystical portrait, Julia meets art collector Sky Rumson and learns he is married to Angelique the witch. Barnabas begs Angelique for her supernatural help to overthrow the Leviathans.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 18
  • Episode 899

    A sailor at the Blue Whale is horrified to see the sign of the Naga on Paul Stoddard’s wrist.

  • Episode 900

    Barnabas reminds Paul of the unusual bargain he made twenty years ago.

  • Episode 901

    Carolyn goes upstairs in the antique shop and hears strange breathing noises.

  • Episode 902

    David reads the Leviathan book and takes something to the mysterious presence at the shop.

  • Episode 903

    Julia allows Olivia Corey to photograph her Tate painting, leading Olivia to a surprising discovery.

  • Episode 904

    Barnabas finds Carolyn is infatuated by a stranger and Elizabeth has a bizarre dream.

  • Episode 905

    Julia recognizes the stranger who goes by the name Grant Douglas but he cannot recall his past.

  • Episode 906

    Carolyn and Paul plan to leave Collinwood but Elizabeth invites him to stay.

  • Episode 907

    Paul realizes that neither Elizabeth or anyone else will believe his warnings.

  • Episode 908

    Roger becomes furious at Elizabeth for allowing Paul to return to Collinwood.

  • Episode 909

    Grant’s possessions give no clue to his identity but Olivia wants to help him.

  • Episode 910

    Prof. Stokes has the landscape painting removed from the Tate canvas, revealing a portrait underneath.

  • Episode 911

    David recognizes Grant as Quentin. Amy goes to the mysterious antique shop room.

  • Episode 912

    Julia visits Harrison Monroe in the hope of learning more about Charles Delaware Tate.

  • Episode 913/914

    At the shop, the new Leviathan child Michael terrifies David.

  • Episode 915

    Barnabas is told that the Leviathans have Josette under their power.

  • Episode 916

    Hoping to restore his memory, Julia and Olivia go to Grant to show him Amanda’s portrait.

  • Episode 917

    Stokes finds Paul after he has collapsed and takes him to the police.

  • Episode 918

    Grant and Chris Jennings go together to Tate’s house in an effort to learn some answers.

  • Episode 919/920/921

    Chris forces Tate to paint his portrait in an effort to save him from the werewolf curse.

  • Episode 922

    Olivia tells Julia that Mr. Best gave her a long life, promising if she finds Quentin they'll live eternally.

  • Episode 923

    Julia finds a Tate painting in the possession of Sky Rumson, new husband of Angelique.

  • Episode 924

    Angelique assures Julia she is happily married and has given up her witchcraft.

  • Episode 925

    Maggie is trapped in a crypt. Megan Todd takes Michael’s side against her husband Philip.

  • Episode 926

    Barnabas informs Megan she must control Michael. Philip searches for Maggie.

  • Episode 927

    Philip accuses Michael of terrorizing Maggie. Michael becomes seriously ill.

  • Episode 928

    Julia visits the woman who took care of Michael. Philip has bribed her to tell Julia a plausible story.

  • Episode 929

    Barnabas arranges Paul’s escape from Collinwood. Paul flees to the antique shop.

  • Episode 930

    At night, Megan lets the mysterious presence out of its room in the antique shop.

  • Episode 931

    Prof. Stokes finds Paul in shock and unable to speak. Julia reveals Quentin's portrait to Grant.

  • Episode 932

    Quentin remembers who he is. Mr. Best will allow him and Amanda to be together under a certain condition.

  • Episode 933

    Quentin and Amanda attempt to escape by crossing a deadly bridge. Paul is attacked.

  • Episode 934

    Sheriff Davenport, armed with a search warrant, investigates the antique shop.

  • Episode 935

    Jeb Hawkes, the adult Leviathan, appears. He becomes suspicious of Barnabas.

  • Episode 936

    Carolyn meets Jeb, who assures her he will help her forget her misery.

  • Episode 937

    Jeb has caused an accident to happen to David. Barnabas warns Maggie to watch over Carolyn.

  • Episode 938

    Barnabas relates to Julia how he came under the Leviathan's influence.

  • Episode 939

    Jeb raises the sheriff from the dead as a servant. Barnabas pretends to cooperate with Jeb.

  • Episode 940

    Angelique agrees to shelter Carolyn for a few days. Jeb attempts to drug Carolyn.

  • Episode 941

    Barnabas warns Elizabeth that Carolyn must go away from Collinsport immediately.