Dark Shadows - Volume 19

Dark Shadows - Volume 19

At the altar of the Leviathans, Barnabas Collins is attacked by a bat and is again a victim of the vampire curse. Dr. Julia Hoffman hopes to cure Barnabas by resuming her medical treatment of him. But Barnabas is unable to resist biting a new victim. Warlock Nicholas Blair returns and Angelique learns that both he and her husband, Sky Rumson, are aiding the Leviathans. Jealous of Barnabas' affection for Maggie Evans, Angelique casts a spell to make Quentin Collins and Maggie fall in love. Leviathan leader Jeb Hawkes summons an army of zombies to kidnap Julia, hoping she can make him human. Sabrina Stuart tries to protect her boyfriend Chris Jennings from the sinister Bruno, who has learned the identity of the werewolf. Barnabas is startled to discover a room in Collinwood's east wing which serves as a portal to a parallel universe.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 19
  • Episode 942

    Bruno threatens Maggie and David warns Jeb he must fear the werewolf.

  • Episode 943

    Maggie is forced to open the Naga box and later makes a revelation to Barnabas.

  • Episode 944

    Chris transforms into the werewolf and Bruno goes hunting to find the beast.

  • Episode 945

    While she is in hiding, Carolyn has a nightmare about Jeb.

  • Episode 946

    Jeb decides he wants Carolyn to be his partner willingly. The werewolf attacks him.

  • Episode 947

    Angelique reveals to Sky that Barnabas is fighting the Leviathans.

  • Episode 948

    Josette's ghost appears to Barnabas. He orders Philip to steal the Leviathan box.

  • Episode 949

    Jeb forces Philip to arrange the murder of a suspicious investigator.

  • Episode 950

    After Barnabas vows to defeat the Leviathans, he is attacked by a bat.

  • Episode 951

    Barnabas is dismayed to discover he is once again under the vampire curse.

  • Episode 952

    Julia begins injections in the hope of curing Barnabas of his vampirism.

  • Episode 953

    Nicholas Blair returns and orders Jeb to change from his Leviathan form.

  • Episode 954

    Nicholas forces Sky to choose between Angelique and the Leviathans.

  • Episode 955

    A jealous Angelique casts a spell to make Quentin and Maggie fall in love.

  • Episode 956

    Elizabeth traps Maggie in the tower room and Willie attempts to release her.

  • Episode 957

    Julia goes to the tower room and frightens Jeb away.

  • Episode 958

    Roger learns of the imminent danger posed by the Leviathans. Something again threatens David.

  • Episode 959

    Chris and Sabrina resume their romance. Bruno realizes the werewolf’s identity.

  • Episode 960

    Bruno decides to use the werewolf in an attempt to defeat Jeb.

  • Episode 961

    Bruno learns Megan has been bitten and tells Jeb to kill the werewolf.

  • Episode 962

    Jeb performs a ceremony to raise bodies from their graves to provide assistance.

  • Episode 963

    Barnabas again bites Megan. Jeb orders the dead men to kidnap Julia.

  • Episode 964

    Megan, as a vampire, attacks her first victim. Quentin is buried alive.

  • Episode 965

    Nicholas declares that Jeb and Carolyn must be married in another type of physical form.

  • Episode 966

    In a dream, Barnabas informs Carolyn that her father was murdered by Jeb.

  • Episode 967

    The ghost of Peter Bradford vows revenge on Jeb, who struggles with Philip.

  • Episode 968

    Angelique tells the ghost of Peter that she will destroy Jeb.

  • Episode 969

    In a room in the closed-off east wing of Collinwood, Barnabas sees a strange vision.

  • Episode 970

    Julia tells Barnabas about Professor Stokes’ theory of Parallel Time.

  • Episode 971

    Unable to enter the Parallel Time room, Barnabas finds a book thrown from it.

  • Episode 972

    Stokes warns Barnabas about the danger of crossing into Parallel Time.

  • Episode 973

    Bruno refuses to help Jeb. Sabrina goes to Bruno in the hope of aiding Chris.

  • Episode 974

    Jeb pleads with Angelique. Chris attempts to rescue Sabrina from Bruno.

  • Episode 975

    Barnabas sees counterparts of Roger and Carolyn in the Parallel Time room.

  • Episode 976

    The werewolf attacks Bruno. Roger sees himself in Parallel Time.

  • Episode 977

    After Julia's last injection, Barnabas feels a desperate need for blood.

  • Episode 978

    Angelique makes a suggestion on how to get rid of Nicholas.

  • Episode 979

    Jeb places a supernatural shadow on Nicholas. Jeb and Sky fight on Widows’ Hill.

  • Episode 980

    Barnabas confronts Sky and he later enters the Parallel Time room successfully.

  • Episode 981

    In Parallel Time, Barnabas learns that Maggie Evans is Quentin’s new bride.