Dark Shadows - Volume 20

Dark Shadows - Volume 20

In the mysterious world of Parallel Time, Barnabas is once again a vampire. Writer William H. Loomis discovers Barnabas' secret and traps him inside a chained coffin. Young Daniel Collins becomes convinced that his deceased mother named Angelique is coming back. Quentin Collins is stunned when Alexis Stokes, Angelique's identical twin sister, arrives. Sabrina Stuart convinces everyone at Collinwood to participate in a seance to contact Angelique's spirit. She believes that someone at the seance murdered her. The ghost of Dameon Edwards starts haunting the mansion. Scientist Cyrus Longworth continues his laboratory experiments to separate the good and evil in man. Upon drinking a potion, he transforms into the sinister John Yaeger and terrorizes barmaid Buffie Harrington. Housekeeper Julia Hoffman learns a dark and deadly secret. Maggie Collins suspects that her husband Quentin may have been responsible for Angelique's demise.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 20
  • Episode 982

    Maggie realizes that Quentin’s son Daniel resents her. Will chains Barnabas in his coffin.

  • Episode 983

    Daniel devises a plan to scare Maggie, who hears humming when Daniel speaks to Angelique's portrait.

  • Episode 984

    Maggie buys a record for Daniel. Quentin is furious to hear “Ode To Angelique,” written by Bruno.

  • Episode 985

    Alexis Stokes, Angelique's identical twin sister, arrives. Maggie and Quentin have an argument.

  • Episode 986

    Bruno obtains Angelique’s address book and produces a deed to the cottage on the Collinwood estate.

  • Episode 987

    Trying to learn the truth about Alexis, Bruno decides to open Angelique's tomb.

  • Episode 988

    Alexis inquires about the seance at which Angelique died. Cyrus drinks a potion and collapses.

  • Episode 989

    Carolyn and Cyrus find Sabrina at Collinwood preparing for a new seance.

  • Episode 990

    At the seance, a spirit speaks through Sabrina and Alexis faints during the ceremony.

  • Episode 991

    Cyrus learns about damage caused by John Yaeger. Daniel insists Alexis is really his mother.

  • Episode 992

    Hannah Stokes promises to help Bruno. Her tarot cards reveal a startling revelation about Angelique.

  • Episode 993

    Cyrus refuses to tell Horace Gladstone the purpose of his experiment.

  • Episode 994

    Bruno panics when Quentin reports he saw the ghost of Dameon Edwards.

  • Episode 995

    Dameon’s ghost appears to Bruno. Cyrus takes another potion and begins a transformation.

  • Episode 996

    Yaeger has a fight at the Eagle Tavern and physically abuses barmaid Buffie Harrington.

  • Episode 997

    At Cyrus’ laborartory, Yaeger is confronted by Quentin, who questions him about Cyrus.

  • Episode 998

    Bruno tells Cyrus that he believes Angelique made Dameon’s spirit appear.

  • Episode 999

    Alexis attempts to stop Quentin and Cyrus from opening Angelique’s tomb.

  • Episode 1000

    Angelique’s body is discovered perfectly preserved in her coffin.

  • Episode 1001

    Angelique drains the life from Alexis and switches places with her.

  • Episode 1002

    Yaeger assures Sabrina that Cyrus allows him to store items in the laboratory safe.

  • Episode 1003

    Hannah discovers the secret about her niece Angelique. David and Amy find Barnabas' portrait.

  • Episode 1004

    Trask, the butler, tells Dameon's ghost that Bruno was responsible for his murder.

  • Episode 1005

    Angelique, determined to banish the ghost of Dameon, begins a special ceremony.

  • Episode 1006

    Gladstone learns the secret about Cyrus’ mysterious experiments.

  • Episode 1007

    In the Parallel Time room, Quentin sees Elizabeth and Julia discussing Barnabas’ disappearance.

  • Episode 1008

    Daniel attempts to find the coffin of Barnabas and a seance is held to contact him.

  • Episode 1009

    Gladstone attempts to blackmail Cyrus. Yaeger appears and confronts Gladstone.

  • Episode 1010

    Yaeger discovers a hidden passageway and follows it to the Old House basement.

  • Episode 1011

    Will Loomis releases Barnabas from his coffin, guarding him carefully.

  • Episode 1012

    Quentin meets Barnabas. They later see Julia in the Parallel Time room.

  • Episode 1013

    Daniel recognizes Barnabas, who tries to make the boy forget they met.

  • Episode 1014

    In a rage, Quentin slashes Maggie's portrait and recalls his dream of the hanging man.

  • Episode 1015

    Angelique reveals her secret to Hoffman. Angelique's incantation causes Quentin to collapse.

  • Episode 1016

    Maggie returns and Quentin warns her it is not safe for her to stay at Collinwod.

  • Episode 1017

    Barnabas escapes, goes to Maggie's bedroom and bares his fangs in preparation to attack her.

  • Episode 1018

    Quentin comes home from the hospital and finds evidence of witchcraft in Maggie's suitcase.

  • Episode 1019

    Angelique suddenly feels icy cold and realizes she needs a victim for warmth to survive.

  • Episode 1020

    Angelique attacks Collins family lawyer Larry Chase and Barnabas bites Buffie.

  • Episode 1021

    Maggie has a bizarre dream in which Quentin is the murderer of Angelique.