Dark Shadows - Volume 21

Dark Shadows - Volume 21

In the strange and terrifying world of 1970 Parallel Time, Angelique the witch torments Maggie Collins with her supernatural powers, causing Maggie to fear her husband, Quentin. Angelique reveals her true identity to her father, Timothy Stokes, and warns housekeeper Julia Hoffman that the vampire, Barnabas Collins, must be destroyed. John Yaeger, the evil alter ego of scientist Cyrus Longworth, kidnaps Maggie. Barnabas returns to Collinwood in regular time to notify Dr. Julia Hoffman of the perils occurring in Parallel Time, where her counterpart discovers Barnabas' coffin and makes plans to stake him. Longing to discover who she is, Barnabas initiates an experiment to revive the body of the mysterious and beautiful Roxanne Drew, with whom he becomes obsessed. After a series of deaths, a crazed Stokes sets fire to Collinwood.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 21
  • Episode 1022

    Maggie meets Yaeger on the docks and he reveals details about the seance.

  • Episode 1023

    Angelique causes Maggie to have a dream about finding a secret.

  • Episode 1024

    Hoffman tricks Maggie into wearing Angelique’s dress to a costume party.

  • Episode 1025

    Roger cruelly compares Maggie to Angelique, whose voice taunts Maggie.

  • Episode 1026

    Barnabas makes an attempt to discover if Alexis is really Angelique.

  • Episode 1027

    Angelique makes a confession to her stepfather, Timothy Stokes.

  • Episode 1028

    Yaeger rents a run-down farmhouse. As Cyrus, he asks Maggie to meet him on Widows’ Hill.

  • Episode 1029

    Yaeger and Angelique agree on a plan. He kidnaps Maggie, hiding her at the farmhouse.

  • Episode 1030

    Yaeger forces Maggie to write a note to Quentin. Angelique asks Stokes for help.

  • Episode 1031

    Stokes explains that the life force of another woman has enabled Angelique to return.

  • Episode 1032

    Hoffman spies Barnabas entering the secret room at the Old House.

  • Episode 1033

    Barnabas realizes that there is a connection between Cyrus and Yaeger.

  • Episode 1034

    Cyrus transforms into Yaeger. He returns to the farmhouse, ready to kill Maggie.

  • Episode 1035

    Hoffman goes to the Old House and prepares to stake Barnabas in his coffin.

  • Episode 1036

    Dr. Julia Hoffman arrives from 1970 and confronts her housekeeper counterpart.

  • Episode 1037

    Angelique tries to make Quentin believe that Maggie is a witch.

  • Episode 1038

    Barnabas and Julia go to destroy the body used in Stokes’ experiment to resurrect Angelique.

  • Episode 1039

    Angelique tells Bruno that she needs more proof that Quentin was her murderer.

  • Episode 1040

    Inspector Hamilton questions Quentin about Angelique’s death. Quentin fights Bruno.

  • Episode 1041

    Quentin reveals to Barnabas the evidence of witchcraft he found in Maggie’s possession.

  • Episode 1042

    Carolyn dreams of Angelique being dead and awakens claiming to know the murderer.

  • Episode 1043

    Barnabas decides to steal the body at Stokes’ house and a ghost appears.

  • Episode 1044

    Barnabas and Will bring the body to the secret room at the Old House.

  • Episode 1045

    When Barnabas raises the body of Roxanne Drew to sit, Angelique collapses.

  • Episode 1046

    Roxanne is able to walk and responds to the drawing of her by Claude North.

  • Episode 1047

    Stokes attempts to find Roxanne. Barnabas discovers her in the Collins Mausoleum.

  • Episode 1048

    Hamilton discusses his suspicions of Julia with Angelique.

  • Episode 1049

    Carolyn goes to the tower room where she encounters Angelique’s murderer.

  • Episode 1050

    Julia decides to experiment on Roxanne, hoping to cause Angelique to die.

  • Episode 1051

    Maggie has a nightmare of an angry Quentin attempting to strangle her.

  • Episode 1052

    In the Parallel Time room, Angelique sees counterparts in the present time.

  • Episode 1053

    Angelique locks Julia inside a secret room in Collinwood's basement.

  • Episode 1054

    Maggie becomes convinced that Quentin has gone insane.

  • Episode 1055

    After being hypnotized, Maggie is prepared to shoot Quentin.

  • Episode 1056

    At the command of Claude, Roxanne speaks. Quentin reveals a secret to Maggie.

  • Episode 1057

    Roxanne comes to Barnabas. He and Hamilton search to find the missing Julia.

  • Episode 1058

    Barnabas discloses that he and Roxanne can never be together.

  • Episode 1059

    Vowing revenge on Barnabas, an enraged Stokes seizes Maggie.

  • Episode 1060

    Barnabas and Julia become trapped in the Parallel Time room.

  • Episode 1061

    In the year 1995, the estate of Collinwood lies abandoned in ruins.