Dark Shadows - Volume 22

Dark Shadows - Volume 22

In the year 1995, Barnabas and Dr. Julia Hoffman wonder what has happened to the Collins family when they find the Collinwood estate abandoned and in ruins. They learn that both Carolyn Stoddard and Quentin Collins have gone insane. Barnabas witnesses the ghost of Gerard Stiles and realizes that Julia is under the spirit's power. In 1970, the ghost of Daphne Harridge, a nineteenth century governess, appears to Quentin, who locates her diary in the west wing. Barnabas is stunned when he meets astrologist Sebastian Shaw's assistant, Roxanne Drew, who is identical to the Roxanne that Barnabas knew in Parallel Time. When Julia discovers fang marks on Maggie Evans' neck, Barnabas assures her that he is not responsible and vows to find the vampire who attacked Maggie. David Collins and Hallie Stokes becomes possessed by the spirits of Tad Collins and Carrie Collins from 1840.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 22
  • Episode 1062

    In 1995, an aged Carolyn babbles hysterically. Professor Stokes suggests Barnabas and Julia depart.

  • Episode 1063

    The sheriff urges Barnabas and Julia to leave town. A falling bust nearly kills Julia.

  • Episode 1064

    Barnabas and Julia follow Carolyn and hear music coming from what is apparently a playroom.

  • Episode 1065

    Stokes reveals that both Carolyn and Quentin are insane. Barnabas and Julia see David Collins' ghost.

  • Episode 1066

    Quentin calls to the ghost of Daphne Harridge. Julia follows Hallie Stokes' ghost to the playroom.

  • Episode 1067

    The ghost of Gerard Stiles has taken Julia into his power. The ghost of Daphne appears to Barnabas.

  • Episode 1068

    Quentin asks Carolyn for her help. Barnabas and Julia find a dead body at Collinwood.

  • Episode 1069

    Barnabas discovers a note containing six clues. He sees the ghost of Gerard.

  • Episode 1070

    Barnabas confronts Gerard’s ghost. The ghost of Hallie attempts to help Barnabas and Julia.

  • Episode 1071

    In 1970, Barnabas and Julia learn that the playroom at Collinwood does not seem to exist.

  • Episode 1072

    David dreams of a carousel music box. A dress from his dream appears in Hallie’s room.

  • Episode 1073

    Elizabeth asks Sebastian Shaw for a horoscope. David sees Hallie wearing the dress from his dream.

  • Episode 1074

    The ghost of Daphne appears to Hallie in a dream and to David in the gazebo.

  • Episode 1075

    Barnabas and Julia learn that the children from 1840 died at the same age as the present children.

  • Episode 1076

    Daphne gives Hallie the dress. Quentin sees Daphne in a dream.

  • Episode 1077

    Daphne appears to Quentin, presents him with lilacs and leads him to an abandoned room.

  • Episode 1078

    Julia senses the presence of Gerard. Daphne leads Quentin to her grave.

  • Episode 1079

    Quentin attempts to exorcise Collinwood. David and Hallie hold a seance.

  • Episode 1080

    Carolyn asks Sebastian to do her horoscope. Hallie sees the ghost of Tad.

  • Episode 1081

    Hallie finds David possessed by Tad. Barnabas visits Sebastian and finds Roxanne Drew.

  • Episode 1082

    David is afraid that he and Hallie will become Tad and Carrie from 1840.

  • Episode 1083

    David and Hallie burn the dolls from a dollhouse, but later find them still in the dollhouse.

  • Episode 1084

    Julia tells her story to Sebastian, but he denies that his supernatural vision can be of help.

  • Episode 1085

    Julia discovers a drawing of the 1840’s Quentin’s stairway through time.

  • Episode 1086

    David dreams of Flora and Quentin Collins in 1840. David and Hallie find Tad and Carrie dead.

  • Episode 1087

    On Gerard's orders, Daphne lures Quentin to her room and prepares to strangle him.

  • Episode 1088

    Sebastian sees a vision and warns against going to Daphne's room.

  • Episode 1089

    The menacing spirit of Gerard has taken Elizabeth into his powers.

  • Episode 1090

    Roxanne learns Sebastian had a date with Maggie. Julia discovers fang marks on Maggie's neck.

  • Episode 1091

    Barnabas tries to convince Julia that he did not attack Maggie. Julia guards Maggie.

  • Episode 1092

    The dolls disappear from the dollhouse and David and Hallie see themselves in place of the dolls.

  • Episode 1093

    David and Hallie make a doll and realize that someone will live with them in the dollhouse.

  • Episode 1094

    Carolyn comes under the spell of Gerard and becomes Leticia Faye.

  • Episode 1095

    The children put a doll representing Barnabas in the dollhouse, but it is destroyed.

  • Episode 1096

    Gerard and Daphne lead David and Hallie to Rose Cottage, where they become possessed.

  • Episode 1097

    The possessed children pretend innocence until Barnabas hears them refer to Carolyn as Leticia.

  • Episode 1098

    Quentin admits he is under the influence of Daphne. David and Hallie cast a spell.

  • Episode 1099

    The children welcome Daphne, brought to life by a ceremony.

  • Episode 1100

    Daphne, determined to prevent the return of Gerard, sends the children away.

  • Episode 1101

    Barnabas discovers the real Rose Cottage. The vampire comes to Maggie.