Dark Shadows - Volume 3

Dark Shadows - Volume 3

Dr. Julia Hoffman promises Barnabas that his secret is safe if he will allow her to conduct experiments to cure him of his vampirism. Jealous of Victoria Winters’ engagement to Burke Devlin, Barnabas plans revenge against Burke, who becomes suspicious of Barnabas and begins to investigate him. While trying to hide from Barnabas, David Collins becomes trapped in the secret room of the Collins Mausoleum. The frightened boy pleads with the ghost of Sarah Collins to rescue him. Barnabas realizes that David may hold the key to finding his late sister’s spirit.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 3
  • Episode 291

    After telling a stunned Barnabas she believes she can cure him, Julia reveals she is treating Maggie, who is hidden away.

  • Episode 292

    Sarah informs David that Maggie is still alive. Victoria finds Sarah’s cap on the floor.

  • Episode 293

    Victoria tells Burke about an old house she has fallen in love with. Burke and Barnabas pry into each other’s past.

  • Episode 294

    Sarah helps Maggie escape from Windcliff. Barnabas, Victoria and Burke explore the house called Seaview.

  • Episode 295

    Maggie’s memory returns, but Julia quickly hypnotizes her before she can say anything damaging about Barnabas.

  • Episode 296

    Unconvinced that Maggie is unable to remember the identity of her kidnapper, Barnabas plans to kill her.

  • Episode 297

    Maggie tells Barnabas about her visit from Sarah. Later, Barnabas tries to kill Maggie and hears Sarah.

  • Episode 298

    Burke asks Elizabeth to sell Seaview to him. Maggie’s memory of what happened to her begins to return.

  • Episode 299

    Julia warns Barnabas to stay away from Victoria. Barnabas learns of Victoria’s romantic interest in Burke.

  • Episode 300

    Victoria dreams that someone entered her bedroom during the night. Barnabas is alarmed that Victoria may marry Burke.

  • Episode 301

    Barnabas and Burke compare their competition for Victoria to a game. Barnabas believes the stakes may be life or death.

  • Episode 302

    Intent on preventing the marriage of Victoria and Burke, Barnabas is eager for Julia to finish the treatments to cure him.

  • Episode 303

    Burke’s suspicions of Barnabas continue to grow after he questions Dr. Woodard and Maggie.

  • Episode 304

    Julia and David go in search of Sarah. A concerned Burke asks Victoria to stay away from Barnabas.

  • Episode 305

    Barnabas feels Julia’s treatments are weakening him. Sarah shows David the secret room in the mausoleum.

  • Episode 306

    Barnabas informs Victoria that Burke is having him investigated. Victoria assures Barnabas she will come to his defense.

  • Episode 307

    Victoria warns Burke that she will end their engagement if he does not stop his investigation of Barnabas.

  • Episode 308

    Sam angrily accuses Julia of lying. In her bedroom, Maggie discovers Sarah’s doll has been left behind.

  • Episode 309

    Julia tells Barnabas that Sarah has been to the Old House. He’s convinced Sarah will eventually appear to him.

  • Episode 310

    While he’s searching for Sarah in the mausoleum secret room, David hides when Barnabas and Willie arrive.

  • Episode 311

    David is trapped in the secret room of the mausoleum. Barnabas comforts Victoria, who is distraught over David’s disappearance.

  • Episode 312

    Barnabas is disturbed to learn that David has been looking for Sarah. He tells Willie they must find David before anyone else.

  • Episode 313

    Roger returns from Boston and joins Joe in the search for David. The cemetery caretaker warns them that the dead are restless and will take revenge.

  • Episode 314

    Sarah appears to Willie. Dr. Woodard says an expert claims that Sarah’s doll is over one-hundred and fifty years old.

  • Episode 315

    Sarah appears inside the mausoleum secret room to David, who is terrified when he runs into the arms of Barnabas outside.

  • Episode 316

    After Burke rescues David from Barnabas, David feels someone evil is watching him at Collinwood.

  • Episode 317

    Barnabas is convinced that David knows his secret. While searching the mausoleum, Sam and Joe realize Sarah is a ghost.

  • Episode 318

    Dr. Woodard takes Maggie out of Julia’s care. Barnabas prepares to kill David but is stopped by the evidence of Sarah’s presence.

  • Episode 319

    Hoping to trap her kidnapper, Dr. Woodard decides to pretend publicly that Maggie’s memory is returning.

  • Episode 320

    David confides his fear of Barnabas to Burke. Barnabas disbelieves Julia’s assurances that Maggie’s memory is still gone.

  • Episode 321

    Sarah appears to Maggie but suddenly vanishes. Sam assures Maggie that she is being protected by policemen outside their cottage.

  • Episode 322

    Willie agonizes over his helplessness, knowing he is unable to warn Maggie about Barnabas’ plan to kill her.

  • Episode 323

    At the hospital, Willie lies in a coma. Everyone finds it difficult to accept that Willie could have been Maggie’s kidnapper.

  • Episode 324

    David refuses to tell Victoria what has upset him. But he insists that Willie is innocent of kidnapping Maggie.

  • Episode 325

    After Barnabas talks to him, David is more frightened than ever. In a dream, Sarah reveals a terrifying secret to David.

  • Episode 326

    While Willie clings to life, Julia attempts to hypnotize David to stop his prying into Barnabas’ affairs.

  • Episode 327

    While talking to Sarah, David realizes there is a coffin the Old House basement, but Sarah warns him to stay away.

  • Episode 328

    Barnabas hides Maggie’s ring in Willie’s room, hoping Sheriff Patterson will find it.

  • Episode 329

    When Willie awakens, the sheriff questions him. Later, the sheriff tells Barnabas that Willie’s mind is completely gone.

  • Episode 330

    David finds the Old House basement door is locked. After Julia sends him home, David is attacked by a giant bat.