Dark Shadows - Volume 4

Dark Shadows - Volume 4

Barnabas’ secret is threatened by David Collins’ curiosity. Anxious to become human again, Barnabas orders Dr. Julia Hoffman to accelerate her treatments to cure him, but the experiment backfires, causing Barnabas to age rapidly and assume the appearance of a 200-year-old man. During a seance at Collinwood to contact the spirit of Barnabas’ young sister Sarah, Victoria Winters mysteriously disappears and finds that she has travelled back in time to the year 1795.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 4
  • Episode 331

    Sarah gives David a toy soldier as protection and warns him there is danger at the Old House.

  • Episode 332

    David returns to the Old House, where he finds an open coffin, followed by an angry Barnabas.

  • Episode 333

    David convinces Burke and Dr. Woodard to go to the Old House, where they search for the coffin.

  • Episode 334

    Desperate to be believed, David informs Burke and Dr. Woodard of the secret room in the Collins Mausoleum.

  • Episode 335

    After a psychiatrist tries to explain David’s fears, Dr. Woodard returns to the mausoleum for further investigation.

  • Episode 336

    The ghost of Sarah appears to an astonished Dr. Woodard inside the mausoleum.

  • Episode 337

    After researching the Collins’ family history, Dr. Woodard decides to have a confrontation with Barnabas.

  • Episode 338

    Dr. Woodard overhears Julia tell Barnabas of the location of the notebook which has records of her experiments.

  • Episode 339

    When Barnabas and Julia go to Collinwood to destroy her notebook, they discover that it is missing from her room.

  • Episode 340

    Barnabas tells a horrified Julia of his plans for Dr. Woodard and she reluctantly agrees to assist him.

  • Episode 341

    Dr. Woodard defiantly informs Julia that he would rather die than become a loathsome thing such as Barnabas.

  • Episode 342

    Sam and Burke suspect that Dr. Woodard was murdered although the coroner rules otherwise.

  • Episode 343

    Julia spies on Barnabas as he tries to become closer to Victoria and cause a wedge between her and Burke.

  • Episode 344

    Sarah warns David that a disaster will happen soon. David is distraught over Burke’s trip to Brazil.

  • Episode 345

    Elizabeth receives word that Burke’s plane has crashed, but Victoria refuses to believe Burke is dead.

  • Episode 346

    Barnabas warns Julia not to let her jealousy interfere with his treatments, which hewants accelerated.

  • Episode 347

    Barnabas is jubilant over the results of his treatments. Julia hypnotizes Victoria and shows her Barnabas’ coffin.

  • Episode 348

    Julia reluctantly proceeds with a massive treatment for Barnabas, but she becomes terrified at the result.

  • Episode 349

    An aged and withered Barnabas must seek a victim, but he cannot bring himself to attack Victoria.

  • Episode 350

    Carolyn secretly goes to the Old House to investigate and makes a startling discovery.

  • Episode 351

    Under Barnabas’ control, Carolyn is ordered to help him win over Victoria’s affections and to discredit David.

  • Episode 352

    A jealous Julia again hypnotizes Victoria and warns her that Barnabas intends to turn her into Josette.

  • Episode 353

    Barnabas threatens to kill Julia unless she refrains from interfering with his plans for Victoria.

  • Episode 354

    Julia shows Victoria, under hypnosis, the coffin Barnabas plans for her. Carolyn tells Barnabas of Julia’s betrayal.

  • Episode 355

    Barnabas instructs Carolyn to steal Julia’s notebook. Julia realizes that Barnabas plans to kill her.

  • Episode 356

    Julia hides her notebook in the Collinwood foyer clock. Barnabas orders Carolyn to keep watch on Julia.

  • Episode 357

    Julia takes her notebook into town and leaves it with Tony Peterson, a lawyer who dislikes the Collins family.

  • Episode 358

    Barnabas decides on supernatural tactics intended to drive Julia insane.

  • Episode 359

    A traumatized Julia hears the voice of Dr. Woodard. Barnabas deceives Julia into believing he now has a conscience.

  • Episode 360

    Sarah appears to Julia at the Collins Mausoleum but she will not promise to help Julia.

  • Episode 361

    Alone at Collinwood, a horrified Julia receives a telephone call telling her she will die soon.

  • Episode 362

    Carolyn steals Tony’s keys and breaks into his office to open the safe containing Julia’s notebook.

  • Episode 363

    Tony doesn’t know whether he should believe Carolyn or Julia. Barnabas attempts to strangle Julia.

  • Episode 364

    Sarah informs David that the dead will shortly destroy someone living at Collinwood.

  • Episode 365

    A seance is held at Collinwood to contact the spirit of Sarah. During a blackout, Victoria disappears.

  • Episode 366

    Victoria finds herself outside the Old House, which looks new. She learns that she has traveled back in time to the year 1795.

  • Episode 367

    In 1795, Barnabas’ father Joshua Collins agrees to hire Victoria as the governess for Sarah.

  • Episode 368/369

    The ship carrying Barnabas’ fiancee, Josette DuPres, from Martinique is late, but Josette’s servant Angelique arrives.

  • Episode 370

    Josette’s love for Barnabas makes Angelique jealous. Angelique practices witchcraft that causes Barnabas to choke.

  • Episode 371

    A doctor can find nothing physically wrong with Barnabas. Angelique becomes fearful that he may die.