Dark Shadows - Volume 5

Dark Shadows - Volume 5

In 1795, the beautiful and jealous witch Angelique attempts to destroy Barnabas’ romance with his fiancé, Josette DuPres. She enslaves Collins family servant Ben Stokes to assist her evil plans. Abigail Collins and Natalie DuPres find evidence they believe proves Victoria Winters is a witch. The family moves into the newly-built Collinwood mansion and the fanatical witch-hunting Reverend Trask is summoned to exorcise the Old House. A vengeful Angelique places a vampire curse on Barnabas.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 5
  • Episode 372

    Joshua implies that Jeremiah is to marry Millicent Collins. Angelique makes servant Ben Stokes her slave.

  • Episode 373

    Angelique plans to make Josette fall in love with Jeremiah. She orders Ben to steal a lock of Jeremiah’s hair.

  • Episode 374

    Ben finds he cannot escape Angelique’s power. Under a spell, Josette tells Jeremiah that she is in love with him.

  • Episode 375

    Angelique uses a magic potion to make Jeremiah love Josette. Natalie witnesses Josette meeting with Jeremiah.

  • Episode 376

    Natalie believes a witch is preventing Josette and Barnabas’ marriage. Naomi has a terrifying vision.

  • Episode 377

    The mark of the devil appears on the hands of Jeremiah and Josette. Jeremiah makes a vow to depart Collinsport.

  • Episode 378

    Determined to prevent Jeremiah from leaving town, Angelique transforms Joshua into a cat.

  • Episode 379

    Natalie suspects that Victoria is a witch and tries to persuade Barnabas to marry Josette as soon as possible.

  • Episode 380

    Angelique casts a spell while helping Josette prepare for her wedding and Josette soon vanishes.

  • Episode 381

    While searching for Josette, a mysterious stranger tells Barnabas that she has left him for Jeremiah.

  • Episode 382

    Abigail Collins discovers Victoria’s charm bracelet and becomes convinced that Victoria is a witch.

  • Episode 383

    On the night they intend to be married, Jeremiah and Josette realize they have betrayed their families.

  • Episode 384

    A distraught Josette tries to prevent a deadly duel between rivals Barnabas and Jeremiah.

  • Episode 385

    Reverend Trask, a witch-hunter, interrogates Victoria, ties her to a tree and performs a rite of exorcism.

  • Episode 386

    Angelique burns the tree at which the exorcism took place, causing Trask to believe Victoria is a witch.

  • Episode 387

    Nathan Forbes smuggles food to Victoria, hiding in Collinwood. Trask and Joshua search for Victoria.

  • Episode 388

    Angelique decides to use Sarah to make Barnabas suffer. She steals a doll belonging to Sarah.

  • Episode 389

    Sarah falls mysteriously ill. A frantic Barnabas promises to marry Angelique if she cures Sarah.

  • Episode 390/391

    Josette fears that Jeremiah will die from his wound. Later, his ghostly figure appears to her.

  • Episode 392

    When Josette goes to the grave of Jeremiah and calls to him, a hand reaches out to her from the ground.

  • Episode 393

    When Angelique reveals that she is to marry Barnabas, Josette attempts to hide her shock and hurt.

  • Episode 394

    Abigail accuses Angelique of trickery. At Angelique’s bidding, the ghost of Jeremiah threatens Barnabas.

  • Episode 395

    Joshua disinherits Barnabas for insisting on an immediate wedding. Naomi gives the Old House to Barnabas.

  • Episode 396

    The ghost of Jeremiah abducts Angelique and begins to bury her in a grave. Barnabas hides Victoria.

  • Episode 397

    Angelique and Barnabas are married. Later, Angelique is again threatened by the ghost of Jeremiah.

  • Episode 398

    Angelique orders Ben to steal a ribbon that belongs to Abigail to enable Angelique to cast a spell.

  • Episode 399

    Abigail insists that Reverend Trask must be summoned again to find and destroy the witch.

  • Episode 400

    Angelique causes a fire to draw Victoria out of hiding as Trask performs another rite of exorcism.

  • Episode 401

    Barnabas suspects that Angelique caused the fire. Ben reveals the identity of the witch to Barnabas.

  • Episode 402

    Barnabas unsuccessfully tries to poison Angelique, but remains determined to end her villainy.

  • Episode 403

    Angry and frightened by Angelique, Barnabas attempts to meet Josette. Angelique sends a bat to spy on him.

  • Episode 404

    Peter Bradford agrees to represent Victoria at her trial. Barnabas pleads with Josette to leave town.

  • Episode 405

    Barnabas shoots Angelique, who puts a curse on him. Moments later, a bat appears and attacks Barnabas.

  • Episode 406

    Angelique desperately tries to keep Barnabas alive in order to avoid the curse she placed on him.

  • Episode 407

    Josette searches for Barnabas, who has become delirious and is unable to recognize her.

  • Episode 408

    Josette finds the Collins family history book from 1967 and is horrified to read of her own suicide.

  • Episode 409

    Before he dies, Barnabas promises Josette he will return for her. Later, a bat flies out of the Old House.

  • Episode 410

    Angelique plans to drive a wooden stake through Barnabas’ heart to prevent him from returning as a vampire.

  • Episode 411

    Barnabas strangles Angelique. He discovers that he needs the blood of others to survive.

  • Episode 412

    Peter secretly allows Victoria to temporarily leave her jail cell and Natalie discovers her at Collinwood.