Dark Shadows - Volume 6

Dark Shadows - Volume 6

In 1795, Barnabas Collins has risen as a vampire and begs family servant Ben Stokes to drive a stake through his heart. Using her supernatural powers, Angelique tricks Josette Collins into going to Widows’ Hill, where Josette sees a horrifying vision of her future should she become Barnabas’ bride. Naomi Collins attempts to prevent the unscrupulous Nathan Forbes from reconciling with Millicent Collins. Reverend Trask persuades Nathan to testify against Victoria Winters, who is on trial for witchcraft. Barnabas vows revenge against Trask.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 6
  • Episode 413

    Victoria urges Naomi to keep Sarah inside Collinwood, but Sarah sees Barnabas and follows him.

  • Episode 414

    Barnabas bites Ruby Tate at the Collinsport docks. He returns to the mausoleum with a bloodied face.

  • Episode 415

    A rain-drenched Sarah falls desperately ill. Ben helps Barnabas to secretly visit her at Collinwood.

  • Episode 416

    Guilt-ridden over Sarah’s death, Barnabas tries to persuade Ben to drive a stake through his heart.

  • Episode 417

    Angelique’s ghost taunts Ben, telling him that the curse she placed on Barnabas must continue for eternity.

  • Episode 418

    Josette is drawn to secretly meet with Barnabas, who tries to resist baring his fangs to bite her.

  • Episode 419

    Barnabas reluctantly informs Josette they must stay apart forever. Suki Forbes arrives in Collinsport.

  • Episode 420

    Suki is introduced as Nathan’s sister, even though she is his wife. Barnabas and Josette meet for a final embrace.

  • Episode 421

    Noticing Josette’s strange behavior, Natalie pleads with Victoria to break the apparent spell on Josette.

  • Episode 422

    Joshua goes to the tomb where he buried Barnabas and discovers that his coffin is now empty.

  • Episode 423

    Suki discovers what Barnabas is and divulges his secret to Nathan before she dies.

  • Episode 424

    Joshua and Naomi fear Josette will die the next day as recorded in the Collins family history book.

  • Episode 425

    Josette is beckoned by Angelique to Widows’ Hill, where she sees a terrifying vision of herself.

  • Episode 426

    Millicent sees Barnabas in the graveyard. She informs Joshua that Barnabas ran away from her.

  • Episode 427

    Reverend Trask calls upon Abigail to testify against Victoria as her witchcraft trial begins at the courthouse.

  • Episode 428

    Joshua goes to the mausoleum and finds that the coffin now contains the body of Barnabas.

  • Episode 429

    Peter realizes he must hide the Collins family history book, fearing it will be used against Victoria at her trial.

  • Episode 430

    Using his occult powers, Barnabas raises Josette from the dead but he is horrified at her disfigured face.

  • Episode 431

    Abigail investigates the Old House, unaware that Barnabas has moved his coffin into the basement.

  • Episode 432

    Disturbed by Trask’s interrogation of him, Daniel runs outside and discovers the dead body of Abigail.

  • Episode 433

    Hoping to save Victoria from a guilty verdict, Peter tries to persuade Nathan to testify on her behalf.

  • Episode 434

    After Nathan commits perjury for him on the witness stand, Trask convinces Joshua to forgive Nathan.

  • Episode 435

    At the trial, Ben reveals that Angelique is a witch, but she soon materializes and condemns Victoria.

  • Episode 436

    As a final effort to save her, Peter urges Victoria to tell the truth about herself, despite the risk.

  • Episode 437

    Victoria testifies in court. A guilty verdict is announced and she is sentenced to be hanged as a witch.

  • Episode 438

    Barnabas learns of Victoria’s predicament and vows to avenge the unjust decision against her.

  • Episode 439

    While attacking Maude Browning, a waterfront streetwalker, Barnabas accidentally drops his cane.

  • Episode 440

    After Barnabas kills Maude, Trask is shocked to find her dead body lying in his bed.

  • Episode 441

    Nathan discovers Maude’s body and promises to help Trask dispose of it in return for Trask’s help.

  • Episode 442

    Barnabas lures Trask to the basement of the Old House and seals him up behind a brick wall.

  • Episode 443

    Carrying Barnabas’ cane, Noah Gifford disguises himself and feigns an attack against Millicent.

  • Episode 444

    Nathan pretends to rescue Millicent, who believes it was Barnabas who attacked her.

  • Episode 445

    At Nathan’s urging, Joshua goes to the Old House and is devastated to witness Barnabas rising from his coffin.

  • Episode 446

    Barnabas tells Joshua he is the Collinsport Strangler. In pity, Joshua shoots his son through the heart.

  • Episode 447

    Joshua realizes the truth about Barnabas and insists he be hidden in the tower room at Collinwood.

  • Episode 448

    Nathan decides to drive Millicent insane, but then he notices that she sees lights in the tower room.

  • Episode 449

    Nathan sends Millicent to the tower room where she discovers Barnabas. He sinks his fangs into her neck.

  • Episode 450

    Bathia Mapes, summoned from the supernatural, attempts to lift the curse from Barnabas.

  • Episode 451

    In the Old House, Bathia’s spell is interrupted by a visit from Naomi. Bathia is consumed by flames.

  • Episode 452

    Threatening the jailer with a gun, Peter leads Victoria from her cell, but she is wounded as she escapes.