Dark Shadows - Volume 7

Dark Shadows - Volume 7

In 1795, after being convicted of witchcraft, Victoria Winters waits to be hanged at the gallows. Peter Bradford vows they’ll be together again someday. In 1968, Victoria reappears during a seance at Collinwood and Barnabas fears that she has learned his secret from her time in the past. After he and Victoria are hospitalized following a car accident, Barnabas is stunned when the mysterious Dr. Lang enables him to see daylight for the first time in nearly 200 years. The doctor offers Barnabas hope that he may be permanently cured through a bizarre experiment. Roger Collins surprises the family by introducing his new wife Cassandra, whom Barnabas realizes is actually Angelique, the witch who cursed him as a vampire in 1795.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 7
  • Episode 453

    Ben leads Victoria and Peter to safety and Victoria dreams that Nathan is about to kill Daniel.

  • Episode 454

    On Nathan’s orders, Noah kidnaps Daniel but he escapes. Victoria hides him in the mausoleum.

  • Episode 455

    As Noah tries to kill Daniel, Victoria shoots him. Nathan finds Peter standing over the body of Noah.

  • Episode 456

    Naomi threatens Nathan, but he counters with a threat to expose Barnabas as the Collinsport Strangler.

  • Episode 457

    At the suggestion of Nathan, Naomi follows Millicent outside and sees Barnabas bite her.

  • Episode 458

    Naomi takes poison and leaves a note for Joshua. She goes to the tower room and collapses.

  • Episode 459

    Barnabas plans his revenge on Nathan, who later sets a trap for Barnabas.

  • Episode 460

    Joshua orders Ben to seal Barnabas in his tomb. Peter bids farewell to Victoria.

  • Episode 461

    As Victoria is hanged in 1795, time is suspended. In 1968, after the seance, she screams and collapses.

  • Episode 462

    In 1968, Barnabas fears that Victoria has learned his secret during her time in 1795.

  • Episode 463

    Victoria has bought a portrait of Angelique. A fearful Barnabas tries to destroy it by fire.

  • Episode 464

    Roger is mesmerized by the portrait. Professor Stokes offers to buy it but Roger tops his offer.

  • Episode 465

    While driving Victoria, Barnabas crashes the car in an attempt to avoid hitting a man at the roadside.

  • Episode 466

    Jeff Clark visits Victoria in the hospital. Dr. Lang tells Julia he knows the truth about Barnabas.

  • Episode 467

    Dr. Lang claims he can cure Barnabas. Roger comes under the spell of the portrait of Angelique.

  • Episode 468

    Dr. Lang reminds Jeff of Jeff’s questionable background. Victoria believes that Jeff is Peter Bradford.

  • Episode 469

    Barnabas begins to revert to vampirism. Dr. Lang tells him a cure can be made permanent.

  • Episode 470

    Victoria tells Barnabas she cannot marry him. Dr. Lang promises to help Barnabas change her mind.

  • Episode 471

    Dr. Lang offers to give Barnabas the physical appearance of Jeff to fully free him from the curse.

  • Episode 472

    Barnabas and Julia prevent Roger from killing Dr. Lang. Angelique’s portrait reappears at Collinwood.

  • Episode 473

    Roger introduces his new wife, Cassandra, whom he married the day after they first met.

  • Episode 474

    Victoria realizes Cassandra is Angelique in disguise. Cassandra secretly vows to return Barnabas’ curse.

  • Episode 475

    Barnabas obtains a talisman from Professor Stokes and Dr. Lang uses it against Angelique.

  • Episode 476

    Dr. Lang claims that during his experiment Barnabas’ life force will be drained into a new creation.

  • Episode 477

    Angelique reveals to Barnabas that her curse will return as the horrifying climax of a dream curse.

  • Episode 478

    Maggie is the first victim of the dream curse, seeing a skull after being led to a room of doors.

  • Episode 479

    Barnabas realizes that Victoria loves Jeff and tries to dissuade Lang from using Jeff’s face in the experiment.

  • Episode 480

    Julia discovers the experiment involves the creation of a living being made from human parts.

  • Episode 481

    Cassandra forces Tony Peterson, now under her power, to steal the talisman from Dr. Lang’s office.

  • Episode 482

    Maggie tells her dream to Jeff, who then has the dream, including the vision of a skeleton behind a door.

  • Episode 483

    Barnabas persuades Julia to release Willie from Windcliff Sanitarium. Joe orders Willie to stay away from Maggie.

  • Episode 484

    Dr. Lang has the dream, during which he sees a headless creature laughing at him.

  • Episode 485

    Dr. Lang’s experiment begins but Cassandra causes him to become seriously ill.

  • Episode 486

    Dr. Lang struggles to leave a message on his tape recorder before dying. Julia has the dream.

  • Episode 488

    Julia studies Dr. Lang’s notes on the experiment. Stokes makes inquiries about the dream curse.

  • Episode 487

    A desperate Julia enlists the aid of Professor Stokes in the hope of ending the horrible series of dreams.

  • Episode 489

    David is rendered speechless when he tries to tell his father of Cassandra’s treachery.

  • Episode 490

    Julia nervously conducts the experiment on Barnabas, resulting in the creation of Adam.

  • Episode 491

    Barnabas and Julia find that the man-made creation Adam cannot speak and behaves like a child.

  • Episode 492

    Cassandra allows David to speak so that he can tell about his dream to Mrs. Johnson.