Dark Shadows - Volume 8

Dark Shadows - Volume 8

Hoping to free himself and the entire Collins family of Angelique the witch’s evil schemes, Barnabas hires artist Sam Evans to age her portrait, causing Angelique to rapidly age into a 200-year-old woman. The ghost of Reverend Trask appears at the Old House to seek vengence against Barnabas for the tragedies in Collinsport of 1795. Professor Stokes questions Victoria Winters about her trip back in time and what she knows about Angelique. A mysterious stranger named Nicholas Blair arrives at Collinwood and claims to be the brother of Cassandra Collins (alias Angelique).

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Dark Shadows - Volume 8
  • Episode 493

    Adam runs away but Barnabas brings him back and chains him in a cell in the Old House basement.

  • Episode 494

    Willie is ordered to stay with Adam. Dr. Lang’s message on the tape recorder is heard by Adam.

  • Episode 495

    When Adam escapes, Roger shoots and wounds him, thinking he is threatening the life of David.

  • Episode 496

    Julia gives medical treatment to Adam, who seems to understand Barnabas and can speak his name.

  • Episode 497

    The wearing of Josette’s earrings compels Maggie to go to the Old House, where Willie tries to befriend her.

  • Episode 498

    Barnabas hires Sam to age the portrait of Angelique. As he does, Cassandra also begins to age.

  • Episode 499

    Cassandra demands that Sam return the portrait to her, but he refuses and she causes him to go blind.

  • Episode 500

    Taunted by Willie, an angry Adam escapes from his cell in the Old House basement and attacks Barnabas.

  • Episode 501

    Barnabas decides that Adam is too much of a danger and must be killed but Adam kidnaps Carolyn.

  • Episode 502

    Adam senses Carolyn’s fear and tries to comfort her. Willie is the next recipient of the dream curse.

  • Episode 503

    Julia hypnotizes Willie, but he is unable to forget the dream. Adam is captured and placed in a jail cell.

  • Episode 504

    Elizabeth suspects that Barnabas possesses knowledge of Adam’s identity. Adam escapes from jail.

  • Episode 505

    Adam rescues Carolyn from falling off Widows’ Hill. Adam leaps off the cliff as the sheriff and Barnabas watch.

  • Episode 506

    Barnabas and Willie search for Adam. Willie attempts to tell the dream to Carolyn.

  • Episode 507

    With Professor Stokes serving as her beckoner, Carolyn experiences the dream curse.

  • Episode 508

    Stokes has the dream, during which he confronts Angelique. Adam appears at the Evans’ cottage.

  • Episode 509

    Adam responds to Sam’s kindness. Under Cassandra’s influence, Tony attempts to drug Stokes.

  • Episode 510

    In an attempt to defeat Angelique, Stokes, Julia and Tony hold a seance to summon Reverend Trask.

  • Episode 511

    After the seance, the ghost of Reverend Trask appears and prepares his revenge against Barnabas.

  • Episode 512

    Trask’s spirit summons Barnabas’ victims from the 18th century and holds a mock trial.

  • Episode 513

    Elizabeth sees Cassandra and Tony kiss. When she threatens to tell Roger, Cassandra places a curse on her.

  • Episode 514

    Elizabeth is terrified of being buried alive. Adam suddenly appears and frightens Maggie.

  • Episode 515

    Julia discovers the ghost of Josette weeping and realizes that Trask has taken revenge against Barnabas.

  • Episode 516

    Cassandra causes Elizabeth to lose awareness of her own identity and to believe she is Naomi Collins.

  • Episode 517

    Cassandra visits Sam in the hospital and forces him to begin telling the dream to Victoria.

  • Episode 518

    Sam dies before he can finish telling Victoria the dream. Professor Stokes befriends Adam.

  • Episode 519

    The ghost of Reverend Trask exorcises Cassandra and causes her to disappear.

  • Episode 520

    Again believing she is her ancestor Naomi Collins, Elizabeth takes poison in an attempt to commit suicide.

  • Episode 521

    A mysterious man named Nicholas Blair, claiming to be Cassandra’s brother, arrives at Collinwood.

  • Episode 522

    Nicholas takes the portrait of Angelique in the hope it will help him discover her whereabouts.

  • Episode 523

    In a further attempt to locate Cassandra, Nicholas places Tony under an hypnotic trance.

  • Episode 524

    Jeff has a dream about Nathan Forbes. When Joe rouses Jeff from his sleep, he attacks Joe.

  • Episode 525

    Nicholas urges Victoria to lead him to the tree where Cassandra was exorcised.

  • Episode 526

    Nicholas brings Cassandra back to Collinwood and warns her of the consequences of her failure.

  • Episode 527

    Professor Stokes warns Victoria to leave town in an effort to keep her from having the dream.

  • Episode 528

    Victoria goes to the Evans’ cottage for safety. Maggie sees Angelique appear near Victoria’s bed.

  • Episode 529

    Victoria discovers that Angelique has attempted to trick her into having the dream.

  • Episode 530

    Cassandra raises the ghost of Sam Evans and forces him to tell the dream to Victoria.

  • Episode 531

    Barnabas and Willie take Joe to the hospital. Victoria has the dream.

  • Episode 532/533

    Maggie learns about Joe’s accident and meets Nicholas.