Dark Shadows - Volume 9

Dark Shadows - Volume 9

Fearing for Victoria Winters’ safety, Barnabas Collins forces her to reveal her nightmare resulting from Angelique’s frightening dream curse, which threatens to make Barnabas once again a creature of the night. The man-made monster Adam kidnaps Victoria in an attempt to force Barnabas and Julia Hoffman to create a mate for him. Warlock Nicholas Blair causes Angelique to age and warns that he’ll destroy her unless she returns the vampire curse to Barnabas. Nicholas becomes infatuated with Maggie Evans and causes her boyfriend to be the victim of a vampiric attack. After ailing handyman Tom Jennings tries to warn Maggie of the danger surrounding them, Barnabas discovers fang marks on Julia’s neck.

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Dark Shadows - Volume 9
  • Episode 534

    Cassandra, alias Angelique, tricks Barnabas into confronting Victoria, but Julia intervenes.

  • Episode 535

    After Barnabas forces Victoria to tell him the dream, he is attacked by a bat.

  • Episode 536

    Believing Barnabas to be dead, Julia and Willie bury him.

  • Episode 537

    Julia realizes Barnabas is not dead when Adam gestures as though he were buried alive.

  • Episode 538

    Professor Stokes and Julia dig up Barnabas, who revives and realizes he is still human.

  • Episode 539

    Carolyn hides Adam in the closed-off west wing of Collinwood.

  • Episode 540

    David plays Dr. Lang’s tape recorder for Cassandra, who learns valuable information from it.

  • Episode 541

    Nicholas Blair listens to Lang’s tape. When David later plays it for Julia it is blank.

  • Episode 542

    When Carolyn brings breakfast to Adam, he reads lines from a love poem to her.

  • Episode 543

    Nicholas summons the ghost of Dr. Lang, who reveals that Julia brought Adam to life.

  • Episode 544

    Nicholas raises the bodies which provided the parts for Adam and learns where he is hiding.

  • Episode 545

    Nicholas meets Adam and befriends him.

  • Episode 546

    After Cassandra attempts voodoo on Adam, Nicholas takes away her supernatural powers.

  • Episode 547

    Cassandra admits to Barnabas that she is really Angelique. She begins to age rapidly.

  • Episode 548

    Trying to save her life, Angelique desperately begs forgiveness from Barnabas.

  • Episode 549

    Nicholas moves into a house by the sea and brings Angelique’s coffin to the basement.

  • Episode 550

    When Adam learns that Carolyn does not love him, he tries to kill himself.

  • Episode 551

    After being influenced by Nicholas, Adam demands that Barnabas create a mate for him.

  • Episode 552

    Victoria tells Barnabas she will marry Jeff Clark. Later, she is kidnapped in the woods by Adam.

  • Episode 553

    Victoria begs for her freedom, but Adam tells her she is to be held as a hostage.

  • Episode 554

    Handyman Tom Jennings finds Angelique’s coffin and is attacked in the woods.

  • Episode 555

    Nicholas supplies drugs to Adam to render Victoria unconscious.

  • Episode 556

    Nicholas releases Angelique from her coffin as a vampire under his power.

  • Episode 557

    Professor Stokes tries to convince Adam to reveal where he is hiding Victoria.

  • Episode 558

    Julia agrees to create a mate for Adam, who threatens to destroy the Collins family otherwise.

  • Episode 559

    Nicholas encounters Maggie with Joe Haskell and orders Angelique to attack Joe.

  • Episode 560

    Willie is persuaded to help with the experiment. Angelique bites Joe.

  • Episode 561

    In the Old House basement laboratory, Julia makes preparations for the experiment.

  • Episode 562

    Nicholas fears Tom Jennings will reveal the secret of Angelique’s coffin.

  • Episode 563

    Angelique sends Joe to Tom’s room in the hospital. With Joe’s help, she bites Tom.

  • Episode 564

    Barnabas forces Willie to dig up Tom’s grave, which they discover is empty.

  • Episode 565

    Barnabas tells Julia that Tom is now a vampire. Tom breaks into the Old House.

  • Episode 566

    Julia informs Barnabas that she cannot continue with the experiment.

  • Episode 567

    Barnabas discovers fang marks on Julia’s neck. Jeff breaks into the laboratory.

  • Episode 568

    Roger reports that Elizabeth has escaped from the Windcliff sanitarium.

  • Episode 569

    Elizabeth secretly follows Julia to the tomb containing Tom’s coffin.

  • Episode 570

    Barnabas rescues Julia and returns to the crypt to fight the vampire.

  • Episode 571

    After dawn arrives, Barnabas stakes Tom in his coffin.

  • Episode 572

    Before Angelique beckons, Joe begs Maggie to prevent him from leaving his apartment.

  • Episode 573

    Joe apologies to Maggie, but leaves her again when Angelique summons him.